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An expose of the effects of Shabtai Tzvi, a 17th Century messiah, on the history of modern Israel. Discover who the modern players are, their politics involving Israel and the Jewish people, and... More > their plans for the state of Israel and its people. The religious beliefs of the follows of Shabtai Tzvi continue to affect us today.< Less
WHO MURDERED YITZHAK RABIN [black and white version] By Barry Chamish
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Falsehoods are exposed and truth revealed in this tirelessly investigated exposé that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt the existance of a shocking treachery that has altered the face of... More > human affairs. Read about an amateur film of the assassination, eyewitness testimony, documents that Rabin appeared unhurt from shots fired at the notorious peace rally; the same footage clearly shows a back door of Rabin's empty limousine slammed shut from inside before the Prime Minister was pushed into the vehicle. Who was waiting for him? What happened during the limousine's abnormally long detour en route to the hospital? At whose hands did Rabin really die?< Less
RETURN OF THE GIANTS - black and white version By Barry Chamish
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Are the Anakim, or the Refaim, the giants of the Bible, returning to Israel today? There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel: in Biblical days from the time... More > of the Flood to the ascension of King David, and since 1993 in modern Israel.Read what Barry Chamish discovered when he researched the giants and UFOs seen in Israel in modern times.< Less
Quien Mato a Yitzhak Rabin? (color) By Barry Chamish
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La verdad es revelada exponiendo incansablemente la falcedad en una exposicion investigadora que prueba sin lugar a dudas, la exsistencia de una confabulacion chocante, que ha alterado la faz de los... More > acontecimientos humanos. Lea sobre un film amateur acerca del asesinato, los testimonios presenciales, los documentos en que Rabin aparece sin heridas de bala en el notable rally por la paz. El mismo cortometraje claramente muestra la puerta de atras de la limosina de Rabin, que estaba desocupada, cerrarse ruidosamente desde adentro, antes que el Primer Ministro fuese empujado al vehiculo. - Quien lo estaba esperando? - Que paso durante el viaje de la limosina que fue anormalmente largo alejandose del hospital?< Less