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In This Land: The Purple Book, Volume One By Matthew Haldeman-Time
eBook (PDF): $6.54
(14 Ratings)
Bade, prince of a tiny, overlooked country, doesn't have a plan for his life. Never in his wildest dreams does he expect an invitation to court the Pharaoh of Orina Anoris, ruler of the most powerful... More > country in the world. Suddenly whisked away, Bade finds himself in an exotic land that dazzles his senses and opens his eyes. The people are uninhibited, expressive, flirtatious, and don't know the meaning of sexual repression. Boyfriends, lovers, harems--it boggles Bade's mind to witness a freedom he never imagined. But the endless parade of beautiful men pales in comparison to the pharaoh. His beauty is literally perfection. Crackling with power, intimidating yet friendly, he is unconventional and traditionally Anorian. After being exposed to a vibrant, colorful new world, nights of sizzling passion, and the possibilities of true love, how can Bade face the thought of being rejected and returning home? Will he be able to win the pharaoh's heart and help his people?< Less
Guys in College By Matthew Haldeman-Time
eBook (PDF): $6.54
(2 Ratings)
This collection of gay erotica features seven short stories by Matthew Haldeman-Time, plus the opening of a new series, "In This Land." Although the subject matter varies - - first... More > meetings, established relationships, budding love, fresh lust - - one thing is for sure: if you enjoy men, sex, and a good time, you're sure to love "Guys in College." For more, visit This book includes graphic depictions of male-male sex and is only for consenting adults.< Less
In This Land The Purple Book - Volume Three By Matthew Haldeman-Time
eBook (PDF): $6.54
(3 Ratings)
Spoiler alert: In This Land is an ongoing series. Orinakin and Bade have finally confessed their love for each other and, for the first time in his life, Bade has a boyfriend. Their days are full... More > of romantic moments, and their nights are full of unending passion, until Bade's brothers arrive. Suddenly, reality comes crashing back down on Bade, who has been so swept away by the dazzling Anorian way of life that he's forgotten his family's Nosupolin expectations. He's been sent to secure a marriage to the pharaoh, not dally with foreign princes, and under no circumstances is he allowed to have a boyfriend (or even a girlfriend, for that matter). Now that his family is here, and he's no longer courting the pharaoh, they'll expect him to return home with them. Revisit Bade, Orinakin, and the rest of Orinakin's brothers, the eccentric, sexy, multi-colored princes of Orina Anoris, for the third volume of The Purple Book of the series "In This Land."< Less
In This Land The Purple Book - Volume Two By Matthew Haldeman-Time
eBook (PDF): $6.54
(3 Ratings)
Bade has finally made the biggest decision of his life, but he has yet to tell anyone. He never thought he’d be in the position to have such an important choice in his hands, and now... More > it’s all up to him. What will this mean for the crown? What will this mean for Nosupolis? If Bade follows through and does what he thinks is right, will he ever truly be happy? Prince Orinakin has come to terms with some hard truths about his love life or, more accurately, lack of love life. Even though he’s found a deeper connection and a new level of closeness with a man he truly cares about, he is bound by duty and honor not to let his romantic inclinations interfere. If he can’t have the man he wants, should he resign himself to a lonely fate or look for someone new? Just when he’s made up his mind, unexpected visitors arrive that might change everything.< Less

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