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Contestability in Financial Markets By Ramu Murugesan
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The Global banking industry is under a major phase of consolidation as bank mergers and acquisitions transform the structure of the global banking industry. The structure of the banking industry... More > varies from country to country. For instance, European banking is a mix of public, state, co-operative, mutual and quoted banks. Different types of banks have different objectives, with regard to concepts like shareholder value added and stake holder value added. One of the central pressures common to all European countries is increased competition due to excess capacity, declining entry barriers developments in European capital markets, consumer unbundling of financial services and product innovations like securitization.< Less
To what extent is a single global banking model beginning to emerge? By Ramu Murugesan
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The Impact of Globalization, Liberalization & De-regulation has transformed the historical perspective of the banking industry. The 1960’s and 1970’s were characterized by an erosion... More > of the dominance of many domestic markets by a few large banks as these markets became integrated into the international financial system. This erosion was the result of 2 major developments. The first was the emergence of the Euromarkets and the second was the major development of the international penetration of domestic wholesale markets. But the question the banking experts and purists ask is to what extent?< Less
Moral Hazard & Adverse Selection By Ramu Murugesan
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The Moral Hazard & Adverse Selection Problems explained with suitable examples and in relation to its effects ni Finance, Managament and Insurance.
The Rationale behind existence of banks By Ramu Murugesan
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Banks can be defined as a business establishment in which money is kept for saving or commercial purposes or is invested, supplied for loans, or exchanged. Banks have existed for more than seven... More > centuries, (Hildreth; 2001, 1) and ‘have traditionally played the key role [in any economy] by acting as financial intermediaries between savers and borrowers’, (Llewellyn; 1998; 2). This work aims at discussing what explains the existence of a bank. The approach adopted was to first explain the importance of borrowing and lending in an economy and why direct borrowing and lending is not practical. Then it goes on to show how a bank, acting as intermediary can facilitate the transfer of fund from lenders to borrowers. Finally it explains why banks are the most able adminstrators for this task.< Less

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