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Enoch - A Metaphysical Novel By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $12.25
...On the extraordinary life and eternal adventures of whom it was said, “...and Enoch walks with god, because god took him...” ...A thousand years before the flood a man stands on the... More > land his father gave him, that he in turn must pass down to his many sons and daughters. In the late afternoon Sun, a being of light and wonder appears before him seemingly out of nowhere. With eyes wide, the man recognizes that this is one of the mythic beings his ancestors spoke of with all due reverence and awe as one of the messengers of the most high. And so begins the journey of the hero... Seventh novel, twenty-sixth book by the author tells the facinating story of the Patriarch, father of Methuselah, great-grandfather of Noah.. of whom it was said, four generations before the flood Enoch was taken up by a divine messenger, shown many wonders, brought back to teach, and then, “...Enoch walked with god, because god took him...”< Less
Immortality...? - Everlasting Immortal Life...? "Some of What the Universe Has Given Me to Understand..." Divine Metaphysics 104 - Handbook of the Infinite, Immortal Children of the Light... By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $10.00
"...Each day for 99 days, I asked the universe of our true nature as infinite & immortal beings, superconsciousness, subtle energy science, and the intrIcacies of divine metaphysics. The... More > result are these 1,350 questions, presented in 211 full color pages with my original paintings and photography..."< Less
THE UNPOLISHED MAN By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Autobiography of the visionary, contemporary artist David Alexander English..
Woke...? - A Metaphysical, Science Fiction Novel of the Current 4th & Coming 5th World Ages By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $9.99
What can an eyewitness account, passed down by oral tradition from the ancestors of the Hopi, about a real life global catastrophe, recent science confirms happened 41,000 years ago, tell us about... More > the end of our current 4th world age, and the coming of the 5th world age...? Today: A massive spherical starship, 1/3 the size of the Moon, instantly appears in orbit over the lunar north pole; returning to Earth from a journey to a star in Sagittarius, 20,000 lightyears away, that began 41,000 years ago, at the time of the destruction of the 2nd world age of the Hopi. The ship called an Ark is a world unto itself, with a crew of over a million people; numerous micro-habitats, and the cryogenically preserved embryos of billions, seeds of all the flora & fauna of their day. They are the genetic ancestors of all humans on Earth today...< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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