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My Friend, the Messiah By Ray Green
eBook (ePub): $9.99
I met John on a deserted beach. He was confused, disoriented, dirty, and had lost his memory. When we made eye contact, the skin on my arms and chest froze and a lump of fear suddenly developed in my... More > throat. Our fingers touched and I experienced a sudden wave of peace, like a golden sunset. My wife and I agreed to help John and escort him to New York where he knew he must address the United Nations Security Council. In New York, John performs 'miracles' in Central Park, conducts an impromptu sermon to 5,000 people, resurrects a fatally injured girl and convinces the UN delegates to act. My intrigue is the constant uncertainty of John's origins and his true nature. Is he a messiah, an alien or a unique man with incredible powers? We travelled with him to Jerusalem, Rome and Switzerland, where five million people gather to hear John speak. I finally understood who he was and why he came.... He was...My Friend, The Messiah. ...all he said was, "...let there be light..."< Less
The Toxic Power By Ray Green
eBook (ePub): $13.99
PCQ Inc. is a giant multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company whose products are in demand globally by industry, agriculture and the medical profession. Unfortunately, toxic and nuclear waste... More > is a by-product in its 17 huge factories around the world.The CEO of PCQ is Mr Linden Quartermain - LQ to his staff and friends. He is a revoltingly large, fat and ruthless man, intent on acquiring more wealth and power. He commands with fear and intimidation that his unscrupulous executives obtain permission to dump toxic waste in the far west of Australia's Northern Territory, irrespective of whose integrity or even longevity is lost in the processDan Forsyth, Federal Attorney General and Bob Greaves, Minister of the Environment, are untouchables, but LQ believes every man has a price. A cargo ship with seven containers of lethal nuclear waste is heading for Darwin. The two sides meet head on, each determined to achieve its goal, no matter the cost.< Less
Demize By Ray Green
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Demize, a sophisticated computer virus compromises the security of the Internet and all e-commerce transactions by producing millions of fictitious Web transactions.It begins to attack all computers... More > and financial systems, quickly closing down the world's banks, shops and offices. Demize then creates false demand across all electrical grids, causing massive power surges and widespread blackouts, resulting in the shutdown of electrical services. The world is suddenly without food, water, electricity, fuel and medical supplies and millions evacuate large metropolitan areas, looking to country areas for their survival. The story focuses on the struggle for survival of the Glenford family on the Mid North Coast of Australia, who because of their isolated forest location, have food and water in abundance.< Less
The Seventh Sense By Ray Green
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The Seventh Sense is an exciting look at the future where man has the ability to read the mind of others. It is the story of Brad Evans and his struggle to come to grips with what psychologists... More > describe as a gift of immense potential. Brad is an outcast from the traditional learning environment and becomes a full time 'patient' at a teaching hospital attached to a large university. There he meets Jenny, an exceptionally gifted student. Brad comes to the attention of the Bureau of Strategic Studies, an enforcement arm of the now defunct Russian Secret Service. The next round of the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) is underway, and Jenny is kidnapped to force Brad to help the Russians influence the Americans into submission. Brad can't use his powers to locate Jenny or deny the demands of the Russians without her kidnappers killing her. The world is racing towards a disaster and even a Seventh Sense may not be enough to save the planet.< Less

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