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Sugared Three: The Collected Poems By Elias Sassoon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A poetry collection about juvenile diabetes? Yes. It is about a family of sufferers, a mom, dad, and son dealing with the onslaught of a disease that takes no prisoners. It is an honest look at... More > diabetes taken from the person vantage point of a family so afflicted. Read the inner thoughts of a husband stricken with diabetes at twenty-three and a son stricken at three and a half. The collection itself consists of sixty poems broken into three chapters: • Chapter 1 of the collection deals with the disease from the husband's perspective. • Chapter 2 deals with the wife/mother’s feelings of having to deal with both a husband and young son with the disease. • Chapter 3 is written from my son's perspective and his feelings and thoughts about the disease.< Less
Sassoon’s Work Burn: The Collected Poems By Elias Sassoon
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Everybody does it; everybody has to do it; everybody has to live through it. Whether you’re born of wealth or into poverty, you cannot avoid it! Work, as in going to work, that’s it.... More > Work, it’s the crux of the matter for those who live on Earth. Today, most toil at jobs in modern office buildings with computers and gadgets to process and transmit digitized information. Who do we work for? In one way or another, for major corporations that control all. We workers are specs in the system. Our lives are consumed in that system. That’s why we need to take a closer at what the job means. Who is your boss? Who are your co-workers? How do you fit in? What is the significance for you? How does it all relate? The poetry collection explores this world from a personal angle. Hopefully, it will help you reflect. That is the goal anyway.< Less
Strumming Through Middle Age By Elias Sassoon
eBook (ePub): $2.99
So what’s middle age anyway except a state of mind that some struggle to get through and overcome. Here’s a collection of poems that deals with the everything that come with it. The book... More > opens with: STRUMMING THROUGH MIDDLE AGE. “Strumming as in humming, humming as in thumbing, thumbing as in reclining through life without the will to sit up. Passing shapes, passing figures, stick figures, strumming by, running by. Running? Really running, not strumming. Man on your left, lady on your right, running. Gone today, gone tomorrow. Whose strumming now? Me, you, him? Whose humming, me, you, him? Whose doing anything? Me, you, him? Who cares, don’t care, fail to care. So strumming, running, humming, strumming, through, life, and, failing to care, bare, or witness the stare, failing to care and strumming.”< Less
Scholastic Carcinogens By Elias Sassoon
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The collection begins in high school, but ends somewhere else in life. We begin with this: “Experiences as a Substitute Teacher. Public high school of higher education but never higher than... More > God. Sitting there, the pedagogue without authority real. Never seeking the real authority. Taking attendance. Giving assignments. Sitting there. Looking up at the ceiling, Sitting there. Students sit. Ignore. Time goes. Sitting there, students. Past and present. Sitting there. Writing the poems of the displaced, poems of: The tired, The bored, The alienated, The dysfunctional. Alienated.” Another excerpt: “Barbed wire. Invention of meticulous quality superimposed upon placid fallacies that move the human spirit toward predestination theocracy. Barbed wire. Invented for? Cows out there in the pasture. Sheep. God. Humans. Barbed wire. Invented why? To keep out. To push out. To prevent. Barbed wire to have and to hold. Holding in ideas and various manifestations of grandeur. Barbed. Painful. Hurtful.”< Less

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