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SABA: The Antifragile Offense By Brian McCormick
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Small advantage. Big advantage. SABA is based on a simple idea: Use an offensive action to create a small advantage, and exploit the small advantage to create a big advantage. Regardless of the... More > tactic or strategy, the objective of every offensive possession is to create a big advantage: An open catch-and-shoot shot, an open driving lane to the basket, or a shot at the rim. The SABA offense is not a free-for-all or roll-the-ball out and let them play system. It takes countless hours of practice to teach players to embrace the chaos and thrive in these situations. This book defines the principles and advances a new philosophy for offensive basketball, and provides the instruction and drills to teach the system and develop skilled players.< Less
Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Volume 6 By Brian McCormick
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Brian McCormick's Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 6 tackles the basketball status quo and provides real world and well-researched answers to the questions that many fail to ask. Why... More > do we teach young players to use the triple threat position on every catch when the model of professional offensive execution, the San Antonio Spurs, rarely use the triple threat at all? Why do we accept non-contact ACL injuries in girls' basketball as a fait accompli rather than implementing measures to reduce players' risks? Volume 6 also includes incredible interviews with basketball coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and physical therapists from around the world. The collection of articles in Volume 6 cover a wide variety of topics, and each page is filled with information that a player or coach can use immediately.< Less
Playmakers: The Player's Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence By Brian McCormick
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Through situations, instruction, and questioning, Playmakers: The Player’s Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence demonstrates how to teach game awareness and basketball... More > intelligence. Playmakers: The Player’s Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence explains the basic tactical skills of every offense — from pick-and-rolls to 3v2 fast breaks — but moves beyond the skill execution to the all-important perceptual, anticipatory and decision-making skills which separate the expert performers. Playmakers: The Player’s Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence teaches tactical skills, but also develops the characteristics of a high basketball IQ player — players who: • Choose the best option in less time; • Adapt to ever-changing situations; • Possess good spatial awareness; • Know the right play at any moment relative to the time and score; And more.< Less
180 Shooter: 5 Steps to Shooting 90% from the Free Throw Line, 50% from the Field and 40% from the 3-Point Line By Brian McCormick
eBook (PDF): $16.00
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Whether novice or advanced, 180 Shooter offers instruction and drills to elevate your shooting percentages or enhance your shooting instruction. 180 Shooter includes over 60 drills and 20 pictures to... More > assist with your learning. 180 Shooter is a complete guide to successful shooting, unlike any other because it uses learning progressions, not just drills. If you put forth the effort, 180 Shooter will help you develop into a 180 Shooter.< Less