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Rocket Man By Pat Patterson
Hardcover: $22.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
After moving to America, Nick Wideman – son of a Greek sprinter and an American pole vaulter – is dumbfounded when he is criticized by the black community and ostracized by whites for... More > transferring to all-black Central High School in an attempt to join a nationally acclaimed 400-meter relay team, whose runners are so fast they are called Rocket Men. A school-boy’s crush on pretty brown Mia Hunter only adds fuel to the fire as Nick battles reverse discrimination and stiff competition to make the team.< Less
The Morning Glory Gang By Pat Patterson
Hardcover: $25.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
Inspired by actual events, the novel unravels a twisted tale of greed and decadence, filled with action, suspense, sex, and dark humor. A market savvy schoolteacher makes a million bucks for his... More > stock investment club but loses it all when tech stocks go belly up. With money gone, the middle-class businessmen turn to robbing banks to keep up their opulent lifestyle. For their penchant for hitting a bank before going to work, the Atlanta press dubs them, “THE MORNING GLORY GANG.”< Less
The Long Way Home By Pat Patterson
Hardcover: $23.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
During his tour of duty in Vietnam, Billy (Georgia Boy) Ricks becomes an American hero. Not only does he save his Recon Marine squad from annihilation, but later Billy saves his Lieutenant from an... More > attack by a disgruntled Black soldier in the aftermath of the Martin Luther King murder. When he returns to his family, however, Billy is not met with yellow ribbons tied around oak trees, but the harsh reality of unemployment.< Less
Echoes From the Past By Pat Patterson
Hardcover: $23.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
Carl Truitt, high school teacher and ladies’ man, is shocked when FBI agents storm his Atlanta classroom and arrest him for a murder committed in his hometown – 30 years ago. ... More > Thea, Carl’s wife of twenty years, like the rest of the community, is in disbelief and sure that this case of mistaken identity will soon be cleared up. But when she visits Carl in jail, he pours out his heart to her and a story echoes from the past that is truly unbelievable. Undaunted by the circumstances, Thea Truitt stands by her man. Selling their home, Thea follows Carl back to his hometown, where she battles corrupt officials, greedy lawyers, and poverty in an attempt to save him.< Less