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Seeking the Divine By Janine Bolon
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It’s not every day that you get struck by lightening. I didn’t die in that moment, but considering I wanted to talk to God-face-to-face, it would have been nice to have the Big Guy... More > introduced Himself. Hi! I’m Janine. God Chaser, Scientist, Shaman and Sacred Clown. In this book I’ll share with you how to: • Chase God through the pathways of Christianity and get His Son to talk to you • Converse with the Divine/Source using meditation from Hinduism & Buddhism • Understand Native American Mysticism through the Medicine Wheel paradigm What you are in the eyes of God is unlike anything you’ve been taught, if you’ve been raised Catholic like me. This book is dedicated to the seekers who crave a one-to-one conversation with God. Allow me to show you how it can be done.< Less
Cash, Cars and College By Janine Bolon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Money! You always need it but never have it, right? Well, now you’re an up-and-coming adult, so it’s time to get a new financial plan all your own. Cash, Cars and College will give you... More > that plan. This short book will provide a step-by-step system for making, saving, and spending money – one that will have you started down the road to real riches before you finish college. These simple steps have been used successfully by hundreds of my young adult students (ages 12 to 20) to create cash and win wealth. So hop on the gravy train for yourself, and enjoy the ride!< Less
Money...It's Not Just for Rich People! By Janine Bolon
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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This book is the collection of years of teaching and research on sound financial principles and how to apply them in your own life no matter your debt load. This is a book that goes beyond the... More > theory of how to live debt-free and gives you a step-by-step, practical approach on how to get rid of your debt while saving money at the same time.< Less
The Grocery Store Game By Janine Bolon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This is the book that supplements "Money...It's Not Just for Rich People" Here is the description of the method used by my family that saved us thousands of dollars a year on our food... More > bill. This workbook has forms at the back so you can create your own price book.< Less