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The Dawning Of The Heir By Charlotte Drobnicki
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There is Victory in the North! The Civil War is over. Union Army Surgeon Blake Beaumont is promoted to U.S. Marshal and ordered to protect U.S. government officials in the wake of President... More > Lincoln’s assassination. General Ulysses S. Grant asks Blake to investigate an attempt made on Brigadier General Abel Pond’s life the same hour as the Richmond Libby Prison break! Blake faces the wrath of his family due to his twin brother Charles’ death. Meanwhile, people are talking about Blake’s diaries: Journals about his exploits during the War. And when the newspapers publicize fabrications around about him, people start calling Blake a traitor! Will he save his reputation? Fine out in this riveting Second Book in the author's exciting Civil War series: The Heir: Heritage< Less
Always Remember Savannah By Charlotte Drobnicki
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On July 4th 1876 Susan B. Anthony declared: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal." When Bates College lobbyist Ashleigh Stewart speaks out... More > about the struggles women are facing out West she is in danger of being expelled from the university. After she finds herself the object of a conspiracy, she allies herself with civil rights preacher Cass Stewart who offers her a seed of hope, and together they wage a battle that makes them realize theirs is a cause worth fighting for. This is the First in the Author's Series: The Stewart Legacy< Less
A Day For The Heir By Charlotte Drobnicki
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In the heat of the Civil War, Union Army Surgeon Blake Beaumont is lauded as a ‘miracle worker’ for his exploits on and off the battlefield. But, Blake and his twin brother Charles are... More > caught up in a dangerous game of impersonating each other as spies. When Charles is killed and their brother James is kidnapped, Blake vows to right all wrongs. Determined to redeem herself after a devastating scandal, Lavinia Gibbs assists him in infiltrating the confederacy in order to rescue James. But, add a vengeful news reporter, and there is chaos! This is the first novel in The Heir: Heritage Series< Less
Days Of Honor By Charlotte Drobnicki
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Britain and its infallible Navy is threatening America’s shores. And in an age when a man’s faith is tested, it is not just a question of loyalty and bravery, it is a question of honor.... More > Jack Fenton is the U.S. Lieutenant sent to Fort Niagara to build up the garrison. Beulah Rutherford is Fort Niagara's house mistress. When they marry, it is a match made in Heaven. But after Jack engages in the Battle of Lake Erie he is captured by a band of renegade Senecas and forced to build arms for the British. When he finally escapes and returns home, him and Beulah must defend his honor...In 1812 began the second war for American Independence, where the English threatened the Patriots. Was there hope for a free nation?< Less