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Me and Jobs - Adventures in career explorations By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Me and Jobs has become the "Gone With the Wind" of Self, Career and Life Exploration (used by a half-million students in Elementary, Secondary and Adult programs). Me and Jobs gently guides... More > the students into written and spoken self-expression. The young adults investigate their most important subject- themselves. They discover and use their newly found abilities, interests and aptitudes to provide a needed service to the world - and be rewarded! Interest. Upper Elementary to Adults.< Less
The Intrinsic Bowler - Beyond "The Zone" Into the Inner Bowler By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Hooker and Palmer Fallgren have taken the mental game to a new, more workable level - that of the Inner Bowler. Past what many have called "The Zone" - and into a deeper, more satsifying... More > space. Palmer Fallgren was Olympic Coach for Team USA Bowling, a pro on tour and TV since a teenager, a consultant for Brunswick balls and still a Bowling Pro. Dennis Hooker is a retired counselor,professor, psychologist, hypno-therapist and writer of many books used by nearly 3 million readers over the last quarter century. "Intrinsic" means "Belonging to the real nature of a thing". It is the essence of the REAL Bowler inside each of us that knows how-to Let Go! of the ball in a way to get strikes. The wonderful thing about this program is the simplicity of it! It is easy to learn - and very enjoyable and satisfying to "turn it over" to something inside yourself that knows better how-to bowl.< Less
Steadfast Teacher Attitude - Teachers In Charge! By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $12.50
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Little tyrants are developing. Miniature manipulative monarchs are usurping our classrooms - a raging power battle is happening. Teachers (maybe you) are being emotionally abused by youngsters -... More > kids clamoring for power. Good sense says that this is not right. What is going wrong? How do we correct it? The answer is in the Steadfast Teacher Attitude - the way things are going to be done around here. "Thar's a new sheriff in town!" Master teachers have known for centuries that they are the adult - the child is just that - a child. We are the benevolant monarchs - the loving rulers. The classroom is NOT a democracy - it is a gentle monarchy with US in charge. Dennis Hooker worked his whole professional life with troubled and troubling children and youth. His previous books have been used by 2-3 million youth in classrooms and counseling centers across the U.S.< Less
Box of Biome Seeds - Getting Students and Teachers Outside to Learn By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $20.00
Box of Biome Seeds - Getting Teachers and Students Outside To Learn. This book was created because a principal wanted to get his teachers out of the classroom and into nature to learn science,... More > writing, discussion, discovery. The school converted a lot next to their school with paths, bushes, wetlands, rustic shade area. They grew plants, imported new trees and shrubs - mostly they got their hands dirty discovering and then applying that to science, math, english, writing. (One of my best books!) Soon as many students were outside as were inside. THIS SPECIAL TEACHER PRICE INCLUDES PERMISSION TO COPY FOR YOUR CLASSROOM QUANTITIES ONLY.< Less

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