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ENOCHIAN CHESS Four Board Set By Steve Nichols
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This is NOT A BOOK! It is an A4 Enochian Chess SET with four boards and four pieces sets ready to cut out and construct. With very basic rules only. Each of the four boards used in the game is... More > directly derived from the relevant Angelic Tablet, and thus associated with an Element and a Watchtower (realm of magical space located towards the edges of the cosmos).Taken together, the boards symbolise in miniature the entire esoteric backdrop of the Universe.< Less
The Primal Eye By Steve Nichols
Paperback: $26.09
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PAPERBACK version of Primal Eye (Median Vision Theory research).
ZENET: Egyptian Game of Immortality By Steve Nichols
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ZENET - Egyptian Game of Immortality is the first in a series that will build over time to form an encyclopedia of the 5,000+ year old game of Zn.t or Senet. I have tried to strike a balance between... More > readability, Egyptological scholarship and general usefulness. Key 1. introduces preliminary concepts, plus it provides translations of important Egyptian texts, together with plenty of illustrations. ZENET can be used as a divination Oracle, as a ritual game to communicate with the Dead, as an offering to the Gods or the Akhs, as a solar and lunar meditation, a conversation with your own bA-soul, or simply as a fascinating recreational board-game. Many crucial ritual Zenet texts are included here, together with full annotations, and some new theories about the nature of this system. This volume teaches rudiments of the Middle Egyptian language which is essential to opening up knowledge (hidden for millennia past) of this uniquely powerful box brimful of deities.< Less
ENOCHIAN CHESS Book Three ALPHA et OMEGA By Steve Nichols
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Book Three (of Four) on Rosicrucian Chess of the Golden Dawn. This book gives the Enochian Chess Y1 and Y2 papers from an unpublished handwritten manuscript with label of Moina Mathers' A et O... More > Temple, London. Dated 1930, this was written earlier (some pages are dated 1890's) by MacGregor Mathers and Westcott, founders of the Golden Dawn. The whole of the original manuscript, plus transcription and commentary, is contained herein. This seems to be the most comprehensive set of Y1 and Y2 papers - Chaturanga and Enochian Chess - and contains differences from previously Israel Regardie accounts. The Sephirotic Transverse dice method seems to have been lost previous to the discovery of these papers. Also included in this Book are the details, book list and essay list, for Master of Enochian Chess (M.Ec.) title. It also includes instructions additional to the downloadable PC version of Enochian Chess software ( that also forms a part of the Master of Enochian Chess course.< Less