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Just Between Us Critters By Gene Simmons
eBook (PDF): $1.00
We’re strange creatures…and we continue to prove it by periodically doing some really strange things. Things that are dictated not so much by logical thought processes as by a... More > “gut reaction” to a given situation. How can we as intelligent, civilized human beings do so many things that wind up costing us so much money, creating so much conflict and getting us into so much trouble? Are we just warped? Unbalanced? Weird? Misguided? Under a spell? Sinful? Or – are our actions just being heavily influenced by some basic animal instinct? By our mental design and programming that help assure our survival as individuals and as a species? Discover the possible causes of many of our personal and collective conflicts. Learn how our instincts can impact our daily lives and frequently even totally control the things we do.< Less
Just Go For It! By Gene Simmons
eBook (PDF): $1.57
There are far too many of us who are going through life afraid, sad, depressed, worried or feeling guilty about something we’ve said or done. There are too many of us who are dealing with... More > daily conflicts or living in uncomfortable situations – both physically and emotionally. There are too many of us who are simply putting up with the ordeals of every-day life and are maybe wondering if things will ever change – if this is really “as good as it gets”. If your life is giving you something less than you’d like, if you’re ready to make a few changes and improvements here and there, “Just Go For It!” can be one more step toward a truly enjoyable life – and will offer at least a few smiles along the way. “Just Go For It” is a collection of original articles by Gene Simmons and originally published on his web site –< Less
Up Close and Personal By Gene Simmons
eBook (PDF): $1.51
We’re making this much too difficult. Somewhere along the way, we got the strange idea that it is really difficult to talk with God. How did that happen? How did something so easy, so... More > normal, so natural, get so screwed up? We poor, misguided humans have become so entrenched, so enamored with our self-imposed rules and traditions that we have damn near lost our ability to communicate with the single entity that is responsible for our very existence. Does that make a lick of sense to anyone? Wouldn’t it be really nice to be able to just relax and BS with God – no matter who we are or what we’ve done? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to really talk with him and his helpers – and know that they’ll be doing things that can actually help us and make our lives easier? Learn about some of the techniques you can use to do exactly that. Find out how cool God really is!< Less
A Short Spiritual Journey By Gene Simmons
eBook (PDF): $1.00
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Is it possible that we all “have it made” - and just don’t know it? Is it possible that we’ve been over-focusing on the “information” dispensed over the centuries... More > by countless religious organizations? Is it possible that there is more to the story than we have been led to believe? “A Short Spiritual Journey” - a collection of articles by Gene Simmons of -is a LIGHTER LOOK AT THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF LIFE. It’s a new look at an ancient subject to help you better enjoy your journey through life!< Less

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