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Twelve Stupid People By John Hildreth Atkins & Jonathan G. Rundy
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Frank Gable knows how corrupt the system is. He has experienced it firsthand. You see, Frank Edward Gable is absolutely one hundred percent innocent of the crimes he was convicted of. The public... More > knows it, the victim’s family knows it, and the prosecutors damned well knew it. But they needed a fall guy and Frank Gable fit the bill. By the time you finish reading this book, you will know it, too. And that will shock the hell out of you. It is incredible how many laws were broken, how many lies were passed off as the truth, and just how far the crooks in power went in order to convict someone, anyone, for the January 17, 1989 murder of Prison Director James Michael Francke (the day before he was to testify before the Oregon legislature). I tell you step by step how they did it. Guaranteed, this is the book that they do not want you to read.< Less
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I wanted to show that stories relating to sex could maintain their allure (whatever that is) and still be an interesting story. Although this contains a story replete with graphic descriptions of sex... More > acts, I have written it to explain the writing process as it pertains to all forms of fiction. In essence, you can utilize my guidelines to be successful in any storyline you wish. Sci-fi, westerns, soap operas, or whatever.< Less
Unified Field Theory II By John Hildreth Atkins & Jonathan G. Rundy
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Atkins takes up where he left off more than five years ago. Many of his theories, then in their infancy stage, have now progressed to an astonishing conclusion. His COW formula explains why planets... More > orbit the sun. Magnetic Reconnection interacting with the Earth's plasma field propels us towards the sun. And he explains why planets rotate, or not, on their axis. The end result is that he proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that gravitational attraction is a myth; it just isn't needed. And Astrophysics, as we know it today, is obsolete. An asteroid is said to be heading our way in February of 2013. Scientists are uncertain if it will strike us or not. Since the event is so close to the infamous Mayan date of December 21, 2012, Atkins insists that we take a closer look at it. He even explains that we have the technology to foil this event by a temporal (time) technique. Using the natural 'engine' of the asteroid, we can speed it up, or slow it down, so that it isn't here when we are. Pretty clever!< Less
Unified Field Theory Two By John Hildreth Atkins & Jonathan G. Rundy
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This is absolutely the most amazing book that you will ever read. John is one of the most insightful men on the planet. His discoveries are even more important than the theory of relativity, Newton's... More > laws, and thermodynamics all rolled into one. Atkins explains blackholes, big bangs, how planets go around the sun without anything even resembling gravity (his COW formula), why the speed of light is much greater than 186k in interstellar space, how and why planets give birth to moons, and the real cause of Global warming. The number of the beast is 666 and we are the beast. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons = carbon. After revealing the secrets of the universe, Atkins goes on to explain why the economy is in dire straits. There is a fix but we need to act soon as the crooks in office won't do it. This book is amazing, shocking, and will forever change the way you see the universe. Sure, it is a small book. It is small because it needs to be. Be the first on your block to know what John knows.< Less

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