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The Social (Media) Side of Your Small Business By Kenniston Lord
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This book is not technical. It is an exploration of the features and capabilities of social media as it can be applied to the 21st Century small business. The fact is that the small business today... More > must use social media as a means to conduct business both near and far. It's communication far beyond the telephone and the citizen's band radio. It's the ability to advertise at lightning speed in the far reaches of the world. It's the ability to conduct commerce. It's where your customers will find you. But it isn't something that comes easy. It takes technical knowledge to make it happen; it's not a DIY project. But there are so many options that spending a little time in this book will help you to clarify the directions you wish to take in entering your business into the world of social commerce. You need to remember these things: it's very "loud" advertising for much less than you used to pay. It's the place today where your customer will find you and your services.< Less
Sospan Fach: The Saga of the Little Saucepan--Australia/New Zealand Edition By Kenniston Lord
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Four people with no sailing experience leave Auckland, NZ, on an amateur-built yacht to Australia, planning to sail three days north and turn left. The boat has no motor, radio, extra sails, or... More > instrumentation. The skipper has a small compass and a toy sextant on which he has no training. There are a one-person lifeboat, one life preserver, and provisions for three weeks. They are stranded for six weeks on Middleton Reef before rescue, while passengers considered mutiny. The vessel runs aground on Middleton Reef, 800 miles off course, the site of many prior shipwrecks. Within walking distance is a wrecked Japanese fishing trawler, the Fuku Maru #7, where they reside for six weeks, struggling to stay fed and healthy, and dealing with interpersonal relations problems. The skipper appears mad, attempting to keep the others from eating the available food and suggesting he is capable of murder. The three discuss mutiny. The Sospan Fach breaks up and cocaine powder floats in the bilge water.< Less
The Pirates of Peary Village By Kenniston Lord
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Full sized format. Someone is stealing Khristopher (Kit) Lang’s newspapers! The State of Maine after World War II. Kit is working for his family after Kit’s father loses his defense job.... More > The story begins in 1940 in the City of Brewer, Maine and traces Kit’s family to Portland as the country prepares for WWII. Kit’s father finds work in the shipyards where Liberty Ships are built. Angus McNutt is a janitor from Boston who lived through the stock market crash of 1929 by denying himself luxuries and keeping his money out of banks. Lenore Cash is the widow of a poultry farmer, She owns property on which the government wishes to build a housing project for shipyard workers. On this land, Peary Village is constructed. And on his paper route in Peary village, someone is stealing Kit’s newspapers. Kit is advised by the Guy Gannet Publishing Company, whose papers he delivers, that the situation must be rectified. When he does, he uncovers some serious criminal activity in the village.< Less
The Avon Business for Newbies By Kenniston Lord
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If you're a recent Avon recruit, you may--or may not--receive much training in sales and service technique. Ken Lord built an outstanding and successful Avon business and has shared here how to do... More > it. You'll learn that there's more to business than just selling product. You'll learn how to expand your sales to the point that your Avon business can become your vocation, not merely your avocation. Success is much more than dollar signs. Avon can give you a career. Ken tells you how to build and large and successful Avon business. And what's here is good for anyone in a home-based business.< Less

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