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I'm a Poet By Martinez Roberson
eBook (PDF): $12.50
(4 Ratings)
I'm a Poet I'm Human too, With a mind and a soul, To make a decision, To set a new goal. You can't control me, As hard as you try. I see what you're doing, You are so slick My Poetry, Shared belongs... More > to Poet and not you I know that I can Develop what I love writing.< Less
Life By Martinez Roberson
eBook (PDF): $12.50
(3 Ratings)
Fineness who shall from this Life raise a soul disappeared In many ways sadness bolts of Bones that fettered stands There feet and manacled In Hand here blinded with an eye And where deaf with the... More > Whisper of an ear a soul hung Up as 'twere In chains of Nerves and arteries and veins Tortured besides each other Part In vain Head and double Heart kindness who shall me Deliver whole from bonds of This tyrannic soul which Stretched upright impales me So that mine own precipice I Go and warms and moves this Needless frame a fever could But do the same and wanting Where It's spite to try has Made me live to let me fly a Body that could never rest Since this ill spirit Possessed what magic could me Thus confine within another's Grief to pine where whatsoever It complain I feel that Cannot feel the pain and all My care itself employs that To preserve which me destroys Bad words out I poem.< Less
One Life By Martinez Roberson
eBook (PDF): $12.50
(3 Ratings)
Live once I Cherish Life mine Feeling Days going bye: Whence Night undivided Mist And Fog whole a Star gained Notice sensitivity shined Bright light extremely above Thee Clouds If you come new Dawn... More > towards Earth I'll be There open door to rain a Puddle my eyes winking grace Writing poetry full filled Empty space pages on an on Counted they Born In 83 Pursue poetic dreams or let Them trust time Is slipping Through my Hands those words Important grains of sand under Covers luck how amazing vision Strong plant grew In Life one Day I have strength to develop A book.< Less
Good light By Martinez Roberson
eBook (PDF): $12.50
(2 Ratings)
Who's that old Man In the Mirror It's no one I recognize In there not that I care, for It's Not Me I'm alive with thoughts Of flowers and Birds of Nature There's still some pulsing Through my veir... More > wild thoughts Of things I must share not dull Things poetry In words for all To read and stare who Is that Old Man In the mirror I don't Know, only In good light word Still sounds apoem like good Light I how cleaning doth Reading good Is my mood Prevented poems awarded a Poet I am purifies, popular Misty Morning wondrous twine Good light beauty constantly Prayed ago settled pure kettle Images pink and white once True and kind shadows yet More time passes silently Outside thee goodlight Preposterous wood cavernous.< Less

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