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The Most Enduring Tactics of the Enemy of the Good life - And how to Defeat him & Live in Victory! By Francis Kintu
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Life is a battlefield, and in every battle, it’s those who are armed with the best weapons and who use them rightly that emerge victorious. Get to know some of the best weapons every human... More > being needs to have to live a truly victorious life every day. Get to know the hidden tricks of the enemy of the abundant life and how you can beat the enemy at them and live a life that you truly deserve! Your life will never be the same again after reading this small booklet!< Less
Questions of Christian Freedoms : Should a Christian Drink Alcohol At All? By Francis Kintu
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Many of the things done in our lives and churches today are done in the name of freedom or liberty in Christ Jesus. One of these is the consumption of alcohol. Whether a Christian should drink... More > alcohol or not remains one of the most often controversial subjects in Christian debates. In this book we examine the issue of Christian freedoms and liberties by posing a question that has been asked by many people: should a Christian drink alcohol at all? Is he at liberty to drink alcohol, provided he does not get drunk? Does the Bible forbid a Christian from drinking alcohol? What should be the proper Christian attitude and approach to alcohol consumption, and indeed towards the enjoyment of many other liberties? You need to know the answers to these questions, for it is the truth you and I know that really sets us free (Jn. 8:31-32.< Less
Unpacking the Riches of the Calvary Cross By Francis Kintu
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We might have innocently tried to water down its significance, by using it carelessly as any jewellery, necklace, bracelet or ornament; or just as a religious symbol or logo. But God, through the... More > crucifixion of Jesus Christ, transformed the Cross into a mark of victory. Unfortunately, few Christians have realized, let alone, harnessed the great power and riches that are in the Calvary Cross. If you are one of such Christians, this will surely end today, after reading this! The cross is not merely a sign; it is powerful and loaded with the fruits of redemption. Find out more about your redemption package that is in the Cross, and how you can unpack it to brighten and enrich your Christian walk and daily life.< Less
Winning with The Name Above all names - JESUS! By Francis Kintu
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Some people have tried to water it down, by using it ignorantly or carelessly. Others use it like a swear word. But none of these has been able to diminish the awesome power and authority that is in... More > the Name above all names - the Name of Jesus the Christ! At the mention of the name of Jesus every knee bows, in heaven and on earth and under the earth (Phil. 2:9-10). Find out how you can bring the power that is in this Name into full effect in your personal life. A proper understanding and use of this Name will give you a knock-out victory over any satanic and demonic influence or work that is trying to operate in/around your life.< Less

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