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Eagle and Falcon [Falcon Dreams Trilogy] By Melodi Lammond-Grundy, Stephan Grundy
eBook (PDF): $8.35
Flattered by the attention of Graf Ruprecht von Falkenstein, Margerite von Hirschenberg marries well above her station only to find her idyllic marriage is not as perfect as it seems. Under the... More > shadow of satanic magicians, she fights to discover who her true enemies are and how she can protect her unborn babe.< Less
Falcon’s Flight - [Falcon Dreams Book II] By Melodi Lammond-Grundy, Stephan Grundy
eBook (PDF): $8.36
After helping kill her husband to protect her child from his father’s Satanic Order, Margerite embarks on a dangerous deception to cover up the murder. She pretends to be an Order priestess to... More > keep the others from taking Wolfram away, but finds she cannot shed this falsehood so easily. Given in marriage to her husband’s opponent to seal the end of the feud, she finds her youngest stepson has been instructed to continue her training in the black arts. She struggles to balance the safety of her child with the disposition of her soul, all the while trying to be faithful to her new husband when her heart actually belongs to her dead husband’s captain of the guard. Even there she must choose as her love, Bertram, rushes off to save his own people from the Order and her stepson invites a demon to inhabit his older brother. Who should she aid first, and just how is she to do either while keeping herself and her baby safe?< Less