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HC-CS-TR-2011-01: Experiences with expressing and optimizing dense numerical algorithms in AlphaZ By Micah John Walter & David G. Wonnacott
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As multi-core processor architectures and parallel programming paradigms become more and more commonplace, there are those who concentrate on producing parallel code by hand and those who advocate... More > the development of tools to parallelize code automatically. The AlphaZ system represents a middle road: the user provides a high-level description to the system about how the parallelization of the problem is to be accomplished, while the system generates the actual C code. In our experiences in using the AlphaZ system to express time-skewing of dense matrix codes that are not ‘embarrassingly parallel’, such as Jacobi stencils, we achieved qualified success in producing speedup across a cluster of computers. We are optimistic about the future use of AlphaZ in similar projects.< Less

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