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The Kind-Hearted Smartass (uncensored version) By Craig Rozniecki
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What do Cialis, Twitter, Glenn Beck, awful pick-up lines, the shake weight, Facebook, advertising slogans, horoscopes, singles ads and hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia all have in common? They all... More > make an appearance in this book, The Kind-Hearted Smartass. Craig Rozniecki, author of Seasons Come, People Grow: A Poetic Journey and The Serious Scale of Sarcasm: More Balanced Than a Drunken High-Heeled Clown on a Tight Rope, doesn't shy away from poking fun at just about everything outside of honest politicians, monocles and dogs named Jean-Claude. With the aid of sources more reliable than novels and a mind sharper than a pillow, Rozniecki tackles issues and people, including himself, from every direction: left, right, up, down and even diagonally. The Kind-Hearted Smartass will: Help you interpret your dreams, speak better than George W. Bush, become a babe magnet and provoke babes to slap you across the face. Receive all this and more in Rozniecki's third book, The Kind-Hearted Smartass.< Less