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the X-Brief By Estanislao Carter
eBook (PDF): $1.25
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(updated 7/23/06) Our most ancient civilization are the Sumerians. They curiously show up in history complete with higher mathmatics, politics, agriculture, writing and extremely advanced sciences... More > particularly in astronomy. There is only one story that tells of their origins. They don't talk about coming out of caves or primitive wars... They talk about DNA splicing, advanced flight, nuclear war, the origins of earth, extremely accurate models of the solar system and surprisingly they talk about our future. Our very, very near future. (older version available for free on< Less
The Last Prophet - A Novel By Estanislao Carter
eBook (PDF): $6.78
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(v1.7 Paperback Book - 6x9/12pt.) These Scenarios Are Coming To Pass Right NOW!"Very well written...very insightfull. You did a great job spelling out the complex web of... More > tyranny." "Excellent, we've got to get the word out." The Last Prophet is a gripping adventure of discovery and insight. It reveals the deepest secrets of the world's elites, the world's most vile betrayal, and the world's greatest catastrophic event looming in the very near future... A once in a lifetime event that will change a world forever. (Covers- 911 in depth, PNAC, Enabling Act/ Patriot Act, aerosol crimes, pharmaceuticals/ FDA, B61-11 tactical nukes, Iran, false fag operations: Northwoods/Reichstag Fire/ 911, Operations REX-84 & NightTrain-84, Operations Garden Plot & Cable Splicer, Richard Andrew Grove, Leo Wanta, Sitchin, Federal Reserve, and more importantly - what to do about it!) Connects the dots and reveals the big picture. A MUST READ!< Less
The SuDoku Challenger - Speed SuDoku By Estanislao Carter
eBook (PDF): $7.50
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SuDoku is fun - Speed SuDoku is a blast! The SuDoku Challenger, is the introduction of Speed SuDoku to a published audience. These are very fast, timed puzzles. No guessing required. No getting... More > locked-up or stalled-out. Over 100 'easy' to 'diablo' level puzzles. Beat my times and become a SuDoku Master.< Less
The SuDoku Master - Advanced Strategies & Visual Techniques By Estanislao Carter
eBook (PDF): $4.18
(2 Ratings)
This is a step-by-step workbook and illustrated guide. Use strategies like the 'line & cube' and the 'line count' to SCREAM through easy puzzles in under 10 minutes. Use complex strategies like... More > the 'blitz' and 'ghost blitz' to get numbers that would otherwise stump most gamers. And the unique 'slide rule' to produce numbers seemingly out of thin air. And for very hard or diabolical puzzles, I've included little known strategies for producing results. Plus - learn how to make your own puzzles and learn valuable strategies along the way. This is a short but complete guide. Very easy to read and follow. Become a SuDoku Master in just a weekend. Take your game to whole new level! Illustrations throughout.< Less

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