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Dutch's first memory of Lucan was a drunk, angry man screaming at him for messing up his life. His second memory, from five years after the first, was of Lucan in priestly garb trying to lecture... More > Dutch against making costly mistakes. Five years after that, when the seventeen-year old Dutch is hired by the Free Spacers to work on the same spaceship with Lucan, he rebuffs the older man and vows that will he will never acknowledge Lucan as his biological father. But when a two-week homeleave thrusts Dutch into the unfamiliar, hostile society of the Free Spacers, Dutch finds he needs Lucan’s help to avoid danger. Can he put aside the hurt and pain of his childhood to see Lucan as he really is?< Less
The Plutonian Perspective By Helen E. Davis
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In 1978 a young Plutonian came to Earth to study Humanity and Illogical behavior. The same thing, really. In these short essays, it comments on Interstellar life, Human life, and the danger of cats... More > to a 12-inch high Plutonian.< Less