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Best of All Worlds By R.P. Nettelhorst
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If you had made different choices, would things really have turned out better? If you have suffered tragedy in your life, and someone offered you the opportunity to change it, so that it never... More > happened, would you take him up on the offer? Could you make your life turn out better than it has, if you really knew then what you know now? Or when the Bible says that all things work together for good, does that mean that this is the best of all possible worlds? That it can’t be better than this? Does that mean that if you did go back and prevent the horrible tragedies of your life, and your bad choices, and thus changed your past, does that really mean that the world and your life would actually be the worse for it?< Less
Antediluvian By R.P. Nettelhorst
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The story of the flood in the book of Genesis gives few details. In Sunday School we get a picture of a white family dressed in robes, living in a primitive, backward society, with Noah and his... More > three sons building a monstrous ship in their back yard, out in a desert. And yet, the Sunday School picture is not the only one possible. The biblical materials suggest that within a handful of generations of Adam (and several generations preceding Noah), people were using iron tools. A remarkable thing, considering that it is clear archeologically that the common use of iron didn't begin in the Ancient Near East until at least 1200 BC. Yet the flood predates that date by thousands of years. What if, for the sake of fiction, we assume that the antediluvians developed a high-tech civilization? And what if we can tell the story of the end of a high-tech society by Noah's Flood in a way that remains faithful to the narrative of Genesis?< Less
The Process By R.P. Nettelhorst
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This book follows the process of spiritual growth as outlined by Peter. A process that on the face of it is a paradox. Notice that at the outset, Peter reminds his readers that God has given them... More > everything they need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). This cannot be overemphasized. We already have everything we need. There is nothing else to find, nothing to add, nothing to build. And yet you have the potential for growth. How does that work? One of the very great dangers in studies on spiritual growth, is that the reader might get the mistaken notion that there are simple steps to godliness and spiritual maturity, and that such a book as this can reveal the shortcuts. Or worse, the reader may imagine that spiritual growth is a matter of memorizing rules and filling in boxes and that this growth will lead to health and wealth and happiness.< Less
The Complaint of Jacob By R.P. Nettelhorst
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If God loves me, then why is everything going wrong? What key do we need to unlock the blessings of God? A low point in Jacob’s life offers a clue. Beside himself with grief, he exclaims... More > “Everything is against me!” (Genesis 42:36) Less true words have rarely been spoken. Many argue that success in life can be gained by a formula, a prayer, rooting out hidden sin, or following a list of good things to do. Jacob’s complaint argues for a radically different solution.< Less