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Crossword Tutor: Spelling Bee - All the Words By Dewitt T. Gosnell
eBook (PDF): $6.58
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This workbook combines the Early Round, the Intermediate Words and the Final Round in one Jumbo Volume. By ordering the Jumbo, you save up to 50%.
Crossword Tutor: High School Chemistry Terms and Definitions By Dewitt T. Gosnell
eBook (PDF): $2.74
Hello and welcome to Crossword Tutor, the fun way to learn. This workbook contains Terms and Definitions most students will encounter in High School Chemistry. Each word list will be accompanied by... More > a crossword puzzle, a word search puzzle and a word scramble. By completing all the puzzles, the student will gain a basic background in the language of chemistry and be better prepared for a college career. For the non-student, the book is a fun way to become knowledgeable in a subject that touches all phases of life from the make-up of a molecule to the description of prescription drugs.< Less
Crossword Tutor: Ivy League Vocabulary - Unit One By Dewitt T. Gosnell
eBook (PDF): $6.42
Welcome! You can amass an Ivy League vocabulary and have fun in the process. No need to lug around audio cassettes or lists to memorize. Your vocabulary will be gained by working fun crossword... More > puzzles, word-searches and word-scrambles.\015\012\015\012This is the first unit in the Crossword Tutor \256. It consists of ten word lists with 25 words each. You will have two crosswords, two word-searches and two word-scrambles to help you master each list. If you complete all the units, you will be in command of 5,000 vocabulary words that put you in the Ivy League.< Less
Crosswordtutor: The Ultimate Music Encyclopedia - Unit 3 By Dewitt T. Gosnell
eBook (PDF): $4.78
This workbook is intended for the serious music aficionado. As a companion to All About Music Theory (, this Series provides all the aspiring musician needs to know... More > to make a mark in the music industry as a performer as far as general knowledge is concerned. It is recommended that, if you have not completed the above-mentioned book, you should do so. As a prerequisite, the “theory” book will get you in the mood for some serious crossword puzzles that make the encyclopedia a really fun project. In these units of 20 word lists (with 20 words each), you will find a lot of foreign words in the musical vocabulary; German and French and Italian. As you work your way through this book, you will begin to appreciate how various tongues enhanced the world of symphonic music. And after completion, you can count yourself among some of the most knowledgeable patrons of the art of music, able to discuss the great works intelligibly and with confidence.< Less

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