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Carlisle Trace Vol. 16 Faith, Hope and Charity By Clarence J. Rockey
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Family: Most families teach their children to lead good lives, for the benefit of the community. Some fail and tend to lead a life of transgression or worse as a way of life. Sinister sisters and... More > mayhem Three sisters, beautiful, charismatic, charming, intelligent and young were divorced from their first husbands. They plot and execute the death of their second husbands for financial gain with guidance and consent of their greedy mother. They were living a life of ease and wealth outlined in the plan they were trained to accomplish. Problems arose when the son of a deceased victim inadvertently discovered their scheme and threatened them with exposure. Vulnerable by the news, they were forced to flee, the mother abetting and leading the way to possible freedom.< Less
Carlisle Trace Vol. 18 A Bond of Strangers By Clarence J. Rockey
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Physicians: Of occupations pursued by man the most prominent is the physician, the healer and a required friend of man who wards off our main enemy, the grim reaper. Friendship within... More > generations A young woman not yet graduated from high school is living in a cheap furnished apartment with her baby daughter. Destitute, she had been evicted because her welfare check was stolen. An old man in her building discovered her plight and after talking with her and realizing her potential makes an offer: he will assist her, minding the child and offering financial support, indicating they could live as a family. Tentatively, with no choice, she agreed and her life began to change as she progressed from poverty to a life as a doctor of medicine with his assistance.< Less
Carlisle Trace Vol. 19 The Bells of St. Peter Damien By Clarence J. Rockey
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Love: In life, as recognized by psychologists, we require three items to be content: an occupation or job, hope for the future and someone to love and be loved in return. A lifelong love... More > affair They met in elementary school and she became his girl; he doted on her in high school and after graduation he was drafted during the Korean conflict. He wanted to be married but she asked to wait until he returned. While in Korea he received a ‘Dear John’ and later was taken prisoner, returning to her believing it was all some kind of mistake or poor joke. They were wed enjoying a loving but tumultuous marriage. After suffering divorces, charges, counter-charges, and ill will he successfully convinced his love to try again.< Less
Carlisle Trace Vol. 20 A Bunch of Bozos By Clarence J. Rockey
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Retirement: The time in life when the job is done and relaxation and following the dream of idle time to play. Never giving up some play, desiring competition. Recollections of retired men A... More > group of retired men in the community have a sixty-five and older softball league and are scheduled to play once a week. Finishing a game they would meet for a cookout and as old men will, swap tales regarding their experiences in the past. Their stories relate to life in Carlisle Trace span portions of three centuries. As the anecdotes unfold, their team is doing what is important to them; playing softball a game of their youth, enjoying the challenges, victories, defeats and camaraderie of good friendship.< Less

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