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Dark Enticements By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Take a journey down into the depths of the dark side with Dark Enticements, the 4th book in Angel L. Jiliad's The Chaoz of Angel's and Demonlords Series. These poems are the chronicles of a personal... More > journey to discover and embrace the shadow side of self. They are brutally honest, shockingly dark and at times tormented. But they are real. And they seek to bring to light something we fear....the knowing and embracing of our own dark sides that we often attempt to keep hidden. By exposing and facing our fears & weaknesses, we can strive to become whole. We can come closer to understanding who we are for real, not just who we want others to see. The author wants you to interpret these poems with the light of your own world, & bring to them your own meanings. For they truly are verses that everyone can relate to, if you're not afraid to look in the mirror & see your own dark side.< Less
Never Meant for Ordinary Things By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Often when dreams come true they don’t always turn out as expected. That’s precisely what Chiron learns the hard way when after waiting an eternity for his most secret desire to come... More > true, he finds himself embroiled in a life & death battle to save the woman he loves. The woman he’s not supposed to love. A forbidden love. One that if the ancient vampire Dmitri has anything to do with will be destroyed before it has a chance to flourish. But before he has an opportunity to exact his will, Svetlana is taken far from the world she knows to a nightmarish place where only torture & pain exists. The powerful men in her life will go to any lengths to get her back, even cross the fatal line of death. In his quest to save her, Chiron must confront not only the wickedness within his enemy but also in himself as he struggles to become the man he so desperately wants to be. Yet the more he fights, the more he comes to realize that he will always exist in a place that was Never Meant for Ordinary Things.< Less
Cyprien's Rhapsody By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Rayne Morrison struggles to pick up the pieces of her ordinary life after she learns that the vampires in her paintings are real. Plucked from her reality by the powerful vampire Cyprien, she... More > plunges into the depths of a supernatural underworld full of intense obsessions and frightening clarity that careens her to the edges of sanity and of life itself. Cyprien’s Rhapsody is a tribute to a young woman’s journey to confront the monster lurking within and to discover her place in life by carving out her own unique reality, forever etched by unsuspecting trials and never imagined passions. Rayne and Cyprien fall in love only to be ripped apart by the beautiful yet demented vampire Angelique. The battle for their lives carries them to a remote Russian peninsula where they learn a shocking secret from the immortal centaur Chiron that will change them forever. The final battle for their souls culminates back in St. Augustine, Florida in the Castillo de San Marco. 358 pgs.< Less
Grasshopper Pie By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $4.38
Grasshopper Pie is a delightful children's tale of a most unique treat that comes to life before your very eyes. Packed full of adventure and colorful illustrations, children of all ages can sit... More > back and enjoy it with a smile.< Less