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Dark Enticements By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Take a journey down into the depths of the dark side with Dark Enticements, the 4th book in Angel L. Jiliad's The Chaoz of Angel's and Demonlords Series. These poems are the chronicles of a personal... More > journey to discover and embrace the shadow side of self. They are brutally honest, shockingly dark and at times tormented. But they are real. And they seek to bring to light something we fear....the knowing and embracing of our own dark sides that we often attempt to keep hidden. By exposing and facing our fears & weaknesses, we can strive to become whole. We can come closer to understanding who we are for real, not just who we want others to see. The author wants you to interpret these poems with the light of your own world, & bring to them your own meanings. For they truly are verses that everyone can relate to, if you're not afraid to look in the mirror & see your own dark side.< Less
Grasshopper Pie By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $4.38
Grasshopper Pie is a delightful children's tale of a most unique treat that comes to life before your very eyes. Packed full of adventure and colorful illustrations, children of all ages can sit... More > back and enjoy it with a smile.< Less
Visual Rhapsody By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Visual Rhapsody is the third book in Angel L. Jiliad’s The Chaoz of Angel’s and Demonlords Series. This volume is unique in that it is poetry accompanied by the original painting it was... More > written for. Each one of Angel’s paintings is like looking at ripples in a pond. Depth lurks and sparkles beneath the superficial layers of dramatic hues and contrasts typical of her work. A depth that waits to be discovered. Here in this rare collection, you can glimpse the world behind the veil of images. You can step outside yourself into a magical place, an enticing place where anything is possible. Jiliad’s free-spirited and innovative style of writing dances across the pages like a cool winter wind whipping and twirling at your senses, leaving you feeling exhilirated. Visual Rhapsody is a extraordinary collection of painting and poetry with bold voice and stunning contrast. 80 fabulous full color pages.< Less
Green Goliath By Angel L. Jiliad
eBook (PDF): $3.13
Imaginative, bold & colorfully meandering, the poetry in Green Goliath will take you on a thrilling ride unlike any other. It is the 2nd book in The Chaoz of Angel's and Demonlords Series. ... More > Angel's free spirited yet sophisticated style explores a wide range of topics from species extinction, society and pain to the beauty of nature, cherished moments & philosophical questions. The poems here are meant to provide a springboard your own thoughts, questions & pain. Angel was able to capture the feeling of the moment in words & arrange them in innovative & provocative, often dream like verses that at times will leave you breathless & wondering. With its vivid imagery, passionate voice & deep explorations, Green Goliath is a courageous testement of the author's committment to her own vision & her unfaltering willingness to share that vision with whoever might like to come along.< Less

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