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Data Science Applications using R By Jeffrey Strickland
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To write a single book about data science, at least as I view the discipline, would result in several volumes. I have come to view Data Science as a multidisciplinary field. People who engage in data... More > science may be statisticians, economists, mathematicians, operations research analysts, and a myriad of other scientific professionals. Most would agree that data scientist have advance degrees in one or more of these disciplines. All practitioners would agree that Data is at center stage. This book is intended to demonstrate the multidisciplinary application of data science, using R-programming with R Studio.< Less
Predictive Crime Analysis using R By Jeffrey Strickland
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Predictive Crime Analysis using R is Dr. Strickland's second crime analysis book. In this volume, rather than using data to describe crime history, he uses it to predict crime using pattern created... More > with advanced clustering methods, crime series linkage, and text analysis. Coverage includes prediction of conventional crime and terrorist attacks. The open-source software R is introduced and used in developing crime data, including Geo-spatial data, and constructing predictive models and performing post analysis. Using actual crime data from cities like Atlanta, Dr. Strickland also shows how to simulate additional data from actual data. Simulated data can then be used in cities with insufficient actual data, but with similar demographics and human behavior.< Less
To Watch Over Them Day and Night By Jeffrey Strickland
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I have been behind enemy lines. Once in a city in the middle of East Germany. Berlin was divided by a wall that to cross meant certain death. Now it is one thing to be behind enemy lines, but to live... More > there is another matter. Working behind enemy lines at least brings the hope of returning to friendly territory or overcoming the enemy completely. But the world we live in, even in America, we are smack dead center of enemy territory and the enemy isn’t going anywhere, at least not until the Lord comes back and kicks Lucifer's tail. That’s right, when your Christian children are at home, school, daycare, or VBS, they are in enemy territory, belonging to Lucifer. But, Israel was in the same boat, especially after Nehemiah returned to rebuild the destroyed vulnerable city of Jerusalem. And they all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and to cause confusion in it. And we prayed to our God and set a guard as a protection against them day and night. Nehemiah 4:7-9 Now we set a guard.< Less
The Devil Did Not Make Me Do It By Jeffrey Strickland
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Dr. Jeffrey Strickland is a mathematician who carefully calculates the measures of things, even to the extent of subatomic particles unseen by the naked eye. As he did with bosons and photons in... More > Quantum Phaith, he meticulously calculates the nature and impact of Lucifer, the fallen one. Taking a line from Flip Wilson's character, Geraldine Jones, Dr. Strickland proposes that we cannot blame all of our faults and failures on Satan. He suggests that by [sin] nature, we are perfectly capable of doing evil with no aid at all. For followers of Christ, Dr. Strickland affirms that the Devil is no match for the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells us. However, in order to be effective Christians, we must know our enemy and the environment that in which he operates. In "The Devil did not Make Me Do it," you will learn to discern between Lies of Lucifer and the Truth.< Less

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