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Wild Strawberry: A Zombie Apocalypse: Book Two: Life in Hell By T.A. Donnelly
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The world has ended. A church. A Prison. A Cold War Bunker. Temporary refuges for small bands of survivors. Will they risk everything to attempt to find a cure for the plague of undeath that has... More > destroyed their world Or is it already too late< Less
Wild Strawberry: Part 1 Descent By T.A. Donnelly
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WELCOME TO THE END OF THE WORLD! An apocalyptic zombie thriller with heart and brains as well as guts (lots of guts). The action unfolds at a frantic pace as London is the epicentre of a global... More > plague of death that brings a sudden end to the world as we know it. In a culture where guns are rare, and the dead are almost unstoppable, the chances of survival are slim. When your life expectancy is measured in hours you make every minute count. How long would you last? Book 1: DESCENT: Down Street: a disused London Underground station - ground zero. A secret research facility is using nanotechnology to develop a way to repair brain tissue damaged by Alzheimer’s Disease. The nanotechnology has an ‘unfortunate’ side-effect only revealed after a disastrous containment breach. This is the end of the world.< Less