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Nukunevu: Atoll of Death By Ben Aldiss
eBook (PDF): $6.32
--‘The evidence which had swayed the Court against Hatchi Misu Corporation’s application to open a land fill for their materials was that the ash contained most of the toxic chemicals... More > found on the planet. There was no convincing evidence run to show that the ash, which has a radio active content, is chemically stable.’-- Susan Ahern follows the activities of two international bagmen in the world wide toxic waste trade disposal aboard the eco cruise vessel Ariadne on its way to remote Nukunevu atoll ...Ship immobilised at Nukunevu Atoll severe tropical storm approaching stop situation most perilous Stop have put down armed attempt to take over ship. Dead includes five drivers and three crew members Stop Geiger counter aboard confirms your lab tests stop seven men suffering radiation sickness...< Less
Sell the Pig and Buy Me Out By Ben Aldiss
eBook (PDF): $7.53
(1 Ratings)
A cast of sturdy characters’ existentialist of the working classes’ –senior ordinary seaman O’Rourke ‘Western Ocean man and would be hard knock’; the murderous... More > Captain Jake; Busti the elderly Egyptian galley boy; drunken Chief Mate Cartrite; Dingbat the ancient alcoholic Welsh engineer; Hesta the Padre’s wife, and Clarrie the ancient and classically camp chief steward re seen through the eyes of first trip apprentice James Howard and his dotty inspiration Prudence back in Britain as James picks up the ethics of his nautical trade.< Less
Scrotie's Saga: Wydinyerwood and The loss of the Lurcher By Ben Aldiss
eBook (PDF): $6.32
Laura MacNoon, beneficiary of the fabulously wealthy MacNoon Trust. Marine archeologist, and local Marine Manager brings the ‘Lurcher ’to Wydinyer in search of the wrecks of historic... More > galleons reputed to lie on the offshore Effingham Islands. Back in London the new Chairman of the Family Trust, Demetrie, is using Laura’s venture to float a dubious share issue. Laura and Demetrie, the chairman, and her cousin’s lover, are in conflict. Laura hopes that by chartering the ship to a Taiwanese film company she can complicate the share issue.< Less
The Babylon Boat: A case in salvage By Ben Aldiss
eBook (PDF): $8.17
(2 Ratings)
The taming of British legal eagle Athelstan Costerlyme QC in the tropical jurisdiction of Santa Iguana. A light hearted but lusty romance set against a legal- maritime backdrop of sabotage;... More > seamanship; kidnapping, foul play; missionary girls, secret initiation rites and tropical passions in the recently Independent Republic of Santa Iguana to the near North East of Australia The story unfolds variously in the High Court; in the dense jungles of Santa Iguana’s mountainous interior; and with raunchy goings on in the bedrooms and bars of Port Ranulf’s Grand Hotel as mid western missionary girl Dorcas rescues Athelstan from kidnapping , and Barristers Amy Fernandez and YoYo Balls Bender-formerly of Melbourne Australia- do battle before Mr. Justice Krill over the salvage of the Babylon Boat.< Less