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Center Moon: Rise Of The Lordes By Stephen Gambuti
eBook (PDF): $8.01
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Four rotations passed since the battle exposing the village of Strom. The Alliance had been up rooted and forced to move by the heavy hand of the Parliamentary Council. Their very existence depended... More > on their ability to escape find a destination known as Pangea Pon. Jonas Troupe, the new lorde of the Alliance needs to lead the people of Strom while saving Liotta and her father from dying at the hands of the Parliamentary Council’s Supreme Lorde.< Less
The Gorg Wars By Stephen Gambuti
eBook (PDF): $8.16
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Get ready to experience the adventures of two brothers, Armulen and Doran as they fight off the ruthless invasion of the grotesque Gorg aliens. The monsters from a far off planet are set on raping... More > the lands of Thanos for its rich food supply. During their conquest they find out that humans and Slefs (gnome like people with magical powers) also taste pretty darned good when grilled just right. Now the future of Thanos falls into the hands of two brothers who were raised in a small village outside the major population center of Haku City. They were both separated by circumstances and are brought together by the evil Gorg Army.< Less
Center Moon - The Stone Of Cordova [Book One] By Stephen Gambuti
eBook (PDF): $8.93
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Book One of the Center Moon Trilogy The Sapiens needed to flee Venus’ dwindling atmosphere. Their form of government was known as the Parliamentary Council. The Council created the Enforcement... More > with one goal in mind. Take over, control the Earth, and colonize it for the Sapien population. With the Sapien’s continued expansion, we open our story. Captain Troupe was always a mystery to his son, Jonas. The young man was lucky if he spent more than a year with his father in total. The night of his father’s return would be the last time Jonas ever saw his father again. Jonas set off on an adventure, which unraveled his father’s hidden past.< Less
Center Moon - The Darkest War By Stephen Gambuti
eBook (PDF): $8.45
New Strom is growing into a successful settlement where Sapiens, Crows and half-breeds exemplify a model community. Only one element remains in order to solidify New Stroms existence, an ultimate... More > weapon powerful enough to deter its enemies in the Parliamentary Council. Jonas Troupe, lorde of the Alliance, will do whatever is necessary to protect New Strom and his late grandfather’s vision. His mission is to return to the Sapien controlled moon of Jenco and steal its super weapon of mass destruction. Even if it means taking the life of his cousin Carlen, moon lorde of Jenco. This will be the final struggle between the Parliamentary Council and the Alliance for the total domination of Earth. This will be the darkest of Earth’s wars past or future.< Less

The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars By Stephen Gambuti Paperback:

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