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beef, booze & borgasm By Ralph Haenel, Ali Armanowski
Paperback: $30.22
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Ali's culinary talent, from kitchen to blog to book. The GastroSlut adventures. "As her official taste-tester my pitiable palate was stirred by her wonders of whisk and wok. Her culinary... More > clairvoyance is such that she can taste her food before it is prepared, so I thought my role was entirely ceremonial. I didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t insight or critique she sought (few would be qualified), but simply to see the wide-eyed joy her talents inspire in her audience. For Ali, all her wizardry and skill are useless if not used to bring joy to those she loves." ~Pete< Less
Practical Strength Training Guide for Self-Defense & Martial Arts By Ralph Haenel
Paperback: $14.07
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The practical strength training guide for Wing Tsun Kung Fu (Wing Chun, Ving Tsun) practitioners and fitness enthusiasts. Step-by-step explanations of exercises. Striking power for self-defense and... More > martial arts. Now with bonus chapter about fundamental kettlebell training!< Less
Siu-Nim-Tau, a Wing Tsun Kung Fu form By Ralph Haenel, Chris Chinfen
Paperback: $14.09
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It is my pleasure, to introduce Chris Chinfen as author to the martial arts world. The book you are holding looks at the many facets of an intriguing Kung Fu form, delivering detailed training... More > advice, notes on history, supportive exercises, helpful hints and pointers. Read about the benefits of the form, the concepts behind it. Find out about WingTsun-ChiKung, the health form, as well as applications in Chi-Sau and Lat-Sau. ~ Ralph Hänel< Less
Drop Your Pants! By Ralph Haenel
eBook (ePub): $7.42
(19 Ratings)
Discover how success happens outside the comfort zone by immersing yourself into the gripping stories of a German-born Kung-Fu master on his journey through the Cold War, Imprisonment by the East... More > German Secret Service, surviving attempted murder and encountering mysterious doppelgängers. Read about unimaginable hardships and emotional tales: - Ultimate Betrayal and White Torture, - The Deadly Berlin Wall, - A King, The World’s Most Famous Border Point and A Cold War Mystery, - One Woman’s Hard Journey back to a Happy Life, - Romeo and Juliet, Secret Service Version - A Grown Man Who Cried Over a Flower. “Your past really does read like a Hollywood movie. I was blown away by the revelations in your book and how you have turned a harrowing experience into a positive life experience.” ~ Donna D.< Less