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"At least you once had a life - and perhaps one day I'll have one," Seb tells his great-grandmother, but only occasional words draw a response. Her bitterness at being placed in an old... More > people's home is fading as her memory melts away. During Seb's visits she scatters hints of a life she has kept secret from her family. Did she once have another identity? What did she do in the war? Why does no one know? And what has she forgotten that torments her? Seb tries to unravel her past and reconstruct her life. At times she falls silent and drifts away clinging to a fragment of memory. Then Seb is left to soliloquise about the dissatisfactions of his own life. He describes his attempts to begin a relationship with a girl - any girl - and in desperation hits on the idea of an arranged romance. But his efforts are being sabotaged.< Less
Freewheelers Save The World! By Eric Johns
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"We solemnly swear to seek adventure, excitement and danger and to rescue anyone in peril." So proclaim the Freewheelers, Gina, Claire and Mandy, as they set out on a new adventure - to... More > stop aliens taking over the world! No one believes them when they try to warn the world about the danger it faces. It is up to the Freewheelers to act alone! Can they stop the aliens before it is too late - or will their plans go wrong as usual?< Less
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Prisoners of a Shadow World tells the story of Louis-Philippe who is half French half English and of Madeleine who is Jewish. They live in France during the Second World War under the German... More > Occupation which casts a terrifying shadow over their lives - and the darkest shadow is cast by the Gestapo, the secret police. To make the situation even more dangerous, Louis-Philippe's grandfather runs an escape network for RAF aircrew who have been shot down and Louis-Philippe is helping him. At the same time, there is a growing danger to Madeleine since Jews in France face the threat of being arrested and transported to death camps in eastern Europe. As the shadows deepen so their attempts to stay alive become ever more desperate.< Less
Freewheelers to the Rescue! By Eric Johns
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The Freewheelers - Gina, Mandy and Claire - are a bicycle gang with just one thing missing - bikes! When they discover that a little girl has been kidnapped in their home town, with a £1000... More > reward for her rescue, it seems like their chance for an adventure and at the same time earn the bike money they need. But, as usual with their plans, things don't go as they expect and before they know it they are freewheeling into more trouble than they ever imagined. Will their luck make everything turn out all right in the end?< Less