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Psytopia Adagio 2: Memento Mori By Gabriel Da Silva
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Things take a turn for the worst in the second part of the Psytopia trilogy, where we pay a visit to the twisted urban sprawl of the Tapestry; a place stuck in the mists of time and where nothing is... More > quite what it seems. Well if everything was what it seems there'd be no point writing fiction about it, would there? If you see hand-stitched beasties, depraved gimps with Victorian gizmos and gun-toting, parasol twirling gothic lolitas in your real world, you're as twisted as a Tapestarian. Side-stepping the colourful landscape of the Psytopian plateau and all but abandoning the first episode's characters, this book is more like a claustrophobic Grimm's fairytale set under the corrosive ghostcloud which darkens the Tapestry. Join a raggle-taggle bunch of gimps and glums and they attempt to unravel the secrets of their freaky little world, or die trying, at least.< Less
Psytopia 1: Crimson Harvest: Mini edition By Gabriel Da Silva
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Set in a world with a technological past and an agricultural present, 'Psytopia' is a light-hearted look at the 'swords and sorcery' genre which abandons traditional narrative just because it wants... More > to feel special. Set out across the shifting plateaus of the Psytopian arpeggio with a freaky collection of typical genre characters and witness their bizzare world and all its weird and wonderful thingies. The twists in 'Psytopia' will most likely break the heroes and their world in two as they start to realise you can be taught everything you need to know... until the wide, wild world comes along and tears your preconceptions apart. Then things get really scary as you have to make choices for yourself. Full of vivid imagery, pop culture nods, sound-bites and written more like a Lonely Planet travel guide than a novel, this is the first part of a 'tridagio'. NOTE: This is the abridged version of this book and is considered the current version. The longer version, at 700 pages, includes bonus chapters.< Less
The Compendium: Book Three By Gabriel Da Silva
eBook (PDF): $0.00
'The Compendium' is a series of short stories or 'episodes' which stand alone but can also be read as part of a bigger whole. Jyishu is a kindly soul, keen to lift his sister out of her... More > depression. Jhana isn’t so accommodating- a moody goth on the tail end of a heroin addiction. She needs to find herself, and how better to do that than to take a long railroad journey across the continent with nothing to disturb you from facing your problems? But through Jhana’s terrifying dreams and a series of strange occurrences, it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems…< Less
Psytopia Adagio #2: 'Memento Mori' By Gabriel Da Silva
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Second in the Tridagio series 'Psytopia'. This one introduces the darker, less developed side of Psytopia, as the twisted inhabitants of the Tapestry, a city on the edge of the world, find themselves... More > engulfed by a freakish storm system which is a lot spookier than it first seems... NOTE: There are a few versions of this book due to pdf problems which creates a strange print version- download is fine tho.< Less

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