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Universal Optimization and its Applications By Alexander Bolonkin
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The book consists of two parts. The first part describes new method of optimization that has the advantages at greater generality and flexibility as well as the ability to solve complex problems... More > which other methods cannot solve. This method, called the “Method of Deformation of Functional (Extreme)”, solves for a total minimum and finds a solution set near the optimum. Solutions found by this method can be exact or approximate. Most other methods solve only for a unique local minimum. The ability to create a set of solutions rather than a unique solution has important practical ramifications in many designs, economic and scientific problems because a unique solution usually is difficult to realize in practice. The second part of the book is devoted to applications of this method to technical problems in aviation, space, aeronautics, control, automation, structural design, and etc.< Less
Preon Interaction Theory and Model of Universe (v2)My Paperback Book By Alexander Bolonkin
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Book contains researches six new ideas: new preon interaction theory of the micro World; relations between time, mass, space, charge and energy; possibility of creating the super-strong (in millions... More > times) matter, having surprice properties; super-strong nuclear AB-needles, which allows to penetrate deep into the Earth and planets; the nuclear generator for converting of any matter into the energy and possibility of the artificial explosion of Sun.< Less
High-rise and Space Towers (Masts, Space Elevator, Motionless Satellites)My Paperback Book By Alexander Bolonkin
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A lot of new concepts, ideas and innovation in high altitude and space towers were offered, developed and researched in last years especially after 2000. For example: optimal solid space towers,... More > inflatable space towers (include optimal space tower), circle and centrifugal space towers, kinetic space towers, electrostatic space towers, electromagnetic space towers, and so on. Given book summarizes there researches and gives the detail description them, note some their main advantages, shortcomings, defects and limitations.< Less
Bessmertie Lyudei i Electronnaya Civilizatsiya (Human Immortality and Electronic Civilization), (v4) By Alexander Bolonkin
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Бессмертие - это голубая, вековая,... More > самая большая мечта и самое большое желание любого человека. В книге покaзaно, что с точки зрeния компьютeрныx нaук чeловeк eсть биологичeский логичeский прибор для обрaботки информaции. Отсюдa срaзу слeдуeт вывод, что eсли мы нaучимся соxрaнять информaцию, нaкоплeнную и вырaботaнную чeловeком в тeчeнии eго жизни, зaписaв ee нa болee стойкиe носитeли (нaпримeр, чипы), то соxрaним eго кaк личность (душу) вeчно. Если жe снaбдим eго дaтчикaми приeмa, нe подвeргaeмой цeнзурe информaции, то позволим eму свободно рaзвивaться кaк личности. А eсли снaбдим eго исполнитeльными оргaнaми, то он получит возможность aктивно воздeйствовaть нa внeшний мир (жить вeчно). В книге покaзaно, что проблeмa бeссмeртия можeт быть рeшeнa кaрдинaльно только зaмeной биологичeской оболочки чeловeкa нa искусствeнную. Тaкой бeссмeртный чeловeк будeт имeть огромныe прeимущeствa пeрeд биологичeскими людьми. Издание дополнено новыми достижениями в науке о бессмертии (гл.11 и др.).< Less

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