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Runaway Princesses By Marie Seltenrych
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Biscottini and Bruschetta are tired of being princesses living in luxury and are sure that the "happy children" are much better off. What a surprise when they venture into the big world out... More > there and find that everything is 'not as it seemed'. Finding out how hard others' work, how rules must be obeyed and appreciation of simple meals is necessary for one's sanity. Forced to stay covert, they seek carefully to find true friends, and change their attitude at the speed of light when they find out that one small bucket of water is all the Red-hair family are allotted each day. They bring happiness wherever they live and when they decide to return to the castle because they are bored, everything changes and they have to change their perspective once again. But, how will they fulfil their true destiny?< Less
Five Golden Rings and a Diamond By Marie Seltenrych
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Director's cut! This edition of Five Golden Rings and a Diamond, dedicated to Keith Martin Rafferty, the author's dear brother, is spiced up with more emotional and subtle sexual encounters by our... More > protagonist, Niamh Murphy, a tinker who is despised by her own tribe, forced to commit crimes to survive, and to succumb to love in order to gain sustenance for her children. At sixteen, romance and love are sweet, snatched away and replaced by lust, abuse and a life of subjugation. Lust tracks her down in Ireland, on the Atlantic Ocean and in Australia, but can this ever replace the fantasy love she has experienced early? Niamh, strong willed, somewhat level headed, fights to keep her children and her job as a nanny in a Sugarcane farm; finding passion, lust and love with Luigi, this seems like her new fantasy life. Tragedy strikes and life deals a deadly card... can love still find her broken heart and take her into a zone reserved for those who are willing to take a risk and give more than they receive...< Less
Five Golden Rings and a Diamond: Part 1: Ireland - Romance and Pain the Curse of Cain By Marie Seltenrych
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The curse of Cain was a term used by Irish folk about tinkers, because of their roaming around the country in search of a living. Niamh Murphy, is young, inexperienced in the art of romance, passion... More > or love, but soon learns all about the secret life of adults. This vivacious woman is tried by family, friends and the holy people of Ireland. Despite her harsh upbringing there is a real fire inside her heart that will not stop burning...with one goal, to find love no matter what the circumstances, or pain. The secret language of Tinkers is used in this volume... Marie Heartwarming..." Wendy O'Hanlan, Australian Provincial Newspapers (2005) 'Couldn't get anything done all weekend, had to finish this,' Trish, [2008] 'I cried when I finished it, and wrote a poem...[ Keith, 2007] 'It's a wonderful story...' [Joyce, 2008]< Less
The Gum Tree Gang and the Mystery at the Old Queenslander By Marie Seltenrych
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Fast paced adventure of four children (2 boys + 2 girls) who discover something sinister going on in an old Queenslander. They follow a trail and find themselves uncovering something sinister. They... More > have to use their wits to win the battle against criminals. Will they get back home again? Download free or buy this book for your enjoyment over the holiday season.< Less