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Ohio Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreement By Andrew J Ruzicho, Eric E Willison, Alvin Borromeo
eBook (PDF): $19.98
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Everything you need to do your own prenuptial in Ohio. Act now - Protect your assets. Sample prenuptial agreement in pdf format; 28 page guide to prenuptial agreements in Ohio; Premarital... More > agreements defined - what constitutes a prenuptial agreement; Legal definition of a prenuptial agreement; Explanation of difference between separate and marital property; Transmutation of such property; Explanation of enforceability of prenuptial agreements; Conditions necessary for enforceability; Steps to take to increase enforceability of agreement; How courts interpret terms of premarital agreements; and much more!< Less
Everything you Wanted to Know about Getting out of your Lease By Eric Willison, Andrew J Ruzicho
eBook (PDF): $9.97
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How to legally break a lease; 10 proven strategies to help you get out of your lease; What reasons won't work for breaking a lease; How to limit potential liability if you do break your apartment... More > lease; How to assemble documentation and evidence to defend against a suit for breaking your lease; How to answer a complaint for early lease termination and assert a counterclaim; Sample answer in response to breaking a lease; Sample counterclaim; Sample lease termination letter; Appendix of individual state statutory provisions relevant to breaking a lease.< Less
Ohio Tenant's Guide to Fighting an Eviction By Eric Willison, Andrew J Ruzicho
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Topics covered include: The Ohio Eviction Process; Frequently asked questions and answers concerning an Ohio eviction; Reasons your landlord can evict you in Ohio; Ways to beat an Ohio eviction;... More > defenses against an Ohio eviction; Appealing Ohio evictions; Illegality of Self-help evictions in Ohio; Relevant Ohio statutory sections for evictions.< Less
Ohio Eviction: Landlord's Guide to Filing an Ohio Eviction By Andrew Ruzicho, Eric Willison
eBook (PDF): $8.76
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Everything you need to do your own eviction in Ohio. Act now - don't lose another month's rent. Sample 3 day Ohio eviction notice to vacate with detailed explanation. All required Ohio eviction forms... More > and eviction letters. Sample Ohio eviction complaint with detailed explanation. Common eviction defenses tenants may assert and how to address them. Common misunderstandings concerning Ohio eviction. Typical filing fees and other costs associated with Ohio eviction complaints. Time schedule involved in evicting a tenant. Pitfalls to avoid when evicting in Ohio. What will happen at the eviction hearing and beyond.< Less