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PUZZLE MATH: Algebra EOC Practices with Examples and More By Roxanne Kloper
eBook (PDF): $15.00
This workbook was made for students who are preparing for Florida's Algebra End-of-Course exam, but all algebra students could find it to be useful. At end of course time, all Florida algebra... More > students take the Algebra EOC Test, which currently all students in Florida must pass in order to graduate. There are 4 lengthy items in this workbook. The first is a 7-page, 12-question decoder practice piece. Each of the 12 questions has an example companion problem designed to be used for analogy. The second is an 8-page, 15-question practice in the same decoder-with-examples-for-each-problem style. Following next are 2 'half practice tests'. These last 2 pieces are just regular EOC-like questions, and an answer key is included at the end of each. The first half is 4 pages with a total of 20 questions, and the second half is 4 pages with 15 questions total. The author has had significant measurable success using these 4 resources with respect to improving pass rates, and her colleagues have reported the same.< Less
PUZZLE MATH: Algebra EOC and Geometry EOC Vocabulary Crosswords & Word Searches By Roxanne Kloper
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This collection of 11 crossword and word search puzzles thoroughly reviews the vocabulary found on Florida's Algebra End of Course (Algebra EOC) and Geometry End of Course (Geometry EOC) Exams. It... More > includes answers and is 30 pages in length. These puzzles will entertain students as well as connect their important reading and mathematics skills. They are a great activity for students to complete when they finish other assignments or want a little extra credit as they prepare for the Algebra End-Of-Course, Geometry End-Of-Course, and Reading FCAT exams.< Less
PUZZLE MATH: Simplifying Basic Algebraic Expressions By Roxanne Kloper
eBook (PDF): $15.99
Students love decoding secret messages and revealing pictures as they perform operations with signed numbers, add like terms, and perform distribution. The built-in feedback keeps them motivated as... More > they first master addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and various combinations with integers, and then later combine like terms and distribute. The four operations' rules become a breeze with three fun and easy-to-learn songs, including catchy "Minus, Minus Integers". The 20 puzzle sheets and three songs have been tested and approved with real students in real classrooms. Teachers love the immediate feedback the students get as well as the reduction in the grading overhead as the worksheets are self-checking. They are great for core classroom work, but are also wonderful for homework or supplemental assignments due to their highly supportive self-checking natures. (10 of the puzzles decode messages, and per students' and teachers' requests for more graphic-style decoders, 10 decode pictures!)< Less
PUZZLE MATH Three Operations with Fractions By Roxanne Kloper
Paperback: $5.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
Students love practicing addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions with this self-checking decoder-style puzzle sheet. Built-in feedback reduces grading overhead for teachers and... More > motivates students. Two fully worked example problems at the top provide a base for students who need additional background support as well. Answers correspond to letters and symbols that decode a secret message!< Less