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More on Mottling; Making your own Custom OOAK Tools - Excellence in Reborn Artistry™ Series By Jeannine M. Holper
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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Breathtaking Reborns with Realistic Newborn Skintone This book continues the discussion on mottling skin reborn techniques for Vinyl Reborns and is an instructions Manual for Advanced Beginners and... More > Intermediate Reborn Artists. It covers the technique to reborn the most realistic preemies and infants with just born skintone techniques. The book includes: Supply basics, Recap of the Layering Techniques for Newborn Skin, Discussion on Sponges and their uses, Step-by-step instructions to create several custom OOAK tools for your own reborning needs. It also includes interesting application Variations for veins, artieries, capillaries and other features. Includes over 175 FULL COLOR PICTURES for your consideration and enjoyment This is the follow-on book to our most popular Case Study #9 in the Excellence in Reborn Artistry™ Series; This is the next in the Series of Case Study #10.< Less
Learn the Art: How To Create Lifelike Reborn Dolls - Tutorial & Instructions - Excellence in Reborn Artistry™ Series By Jeannine M. Holper
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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Create Breathtaking Reborn Babies You simply take a basic vinyl doll and transform it to a One-of-a-Kind Heirloom Collectible. An introduction to reborning lifelike dolls for New Reborn Artists and... More > Hobbyists. Includes 300 Full Color Pictures Sections include such topics as: Supplies, Disassembly, Bathing, Blushing, Soft Body, Basic Facial Features, Subtle Veining, Magnets, Pacifiers, Juices, Milk Bottles, Stuffing and Weighting, Baby Fat, Manicures, Heart Boxes, Heat Pouches, and also includes many Life-Like Reborn Samples, Reborning Tips & Techniques and more... NOTE: This essentials of this book was written before manufacturers came out with Dolls Kits. If you are creating dolls with kits, want to learn about Genesis Heat Set Paints, or have already purchased LEARN THE BASICS, then this book is not necessary; Please move on to select from our specialty topic & Case Study books.< Less
Excellence in Reborn Artistry™: Case Study 3: Silicone Vinyl Dolls Reborn Techniques By Jeannine M. Holper
eBook (PDF): $14.50
Silcone Vinyl Reborn Techniques100 Full Color PicturesFeatures the detailed steps involved in Reborn Techniques for Silicone-Vinyl Dolls. Four are features with pictures showcasing Artistic Oils for... More > blushing and Artistic Stix for subtle veining and rosie baby foreheads. Covers Sheila Micheal Dolls, Baby Grace, Ashton Drake's Emily/Alex. Also includes Rooting, Mini-Rooting and Ultra Micro eyebrows. Also includes supplies list, Instructions& guidelines, and Tips & Techniques. Case Study #3 in the Excellence in Reborn Artistry™ Series.< Less
ALL 6 SOFT BODY PATTERNS for Reborns - 32 sizes/configurations - Excellence in Reborn Artistry™ By Jeannine M. Holper
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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ALL 6: SOFT BODY PATTERNS to Reborn Vinyl and Silicon Vinyl Dolls Full Color Pictures - 32 sizes / Patterns / Configurations / Style Combinations Stable Soft Body Patterns – Fits Most... More > Berenguer Dolls 1: Non-Jointed Soft Body Full Limbs – 10 sizes 2: Jointed Soft Body Full Limbs – 9 sizes 3: Oval Soft body ¼ Partial Limbs-4 popular sizes Oval Soft Body Patterns – Fits Many Silicon-Vinyl Dolls 4: Artist Dolls like Baby Emily & Alex – 4 sizes 5: Artist Dolls like Sheila Michael – 4 sizes 6: Jointed Oval Soft body Pattern Full Limbs- 4 popular sizes combinations< Less