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The Exegetical Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole: Volume 8a: Deuteronomy 1-18 By Steven Dilday
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Although the Book of Deuteronomy has received considerable scholarly attention, it is all too frequently neglected by the common Christian. This ought not to be. Deuteronomy is much more than a... More > mere repetition of laws; it is full of the covenant of grace, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and of the way of justification by His blood and sanctification through His Word and Spirit. This is "Scripture, given by inspiration of God, and profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works" (2 Timothy 3:16, 17). Let every word studied, contemplated, believed, cherished, and applied.< Less
The Exegetical Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole: Volume 7: Numbers By Steven Dilday
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The Book of Numbers contains "the foundation of the Church and Commonwealth of the Israelites, while they walked and wandered in the wilderness", and lays "before us the unchangeable... More > love of God promised and exhibited to this people; the comely order established and observed among them; sundry examples of His horrible judgments againt obstinate sinners; the Fatherly chastisements and corrections of the faithful offending; and the dangerous plottings and devilish policies of the Church's enemies". --William Attersoll "I beseech the theological collector not to let a fine copy of good old Matthew Poole's 'Synopsis Criticorum'...slip through his fingers without becoming master of it." --Dibdin's 'Lib. Comp.', 52.< Less
The Literary Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole: Volume 2: Blasphemer Slaine with the Sword of the Spirit By Steven Dilday
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John Bidle's "XII Arguments Drawn out of the Scripture; wherein the commonly Received Opinion, Touching the Deity of the Holy Spirit, Is clearly and fully Refuted" (1647) was answered by... More > several Reformed theologians and scholars, both continental and British. These responses were full, demonstrative, and clear; but they were written largely for academics. It fell to a young parish minister, Matthew Poole, not yet thirty years of age, to provide a concise and popular response, for the edification of the common man. Poole's "Blasphemer Slaine with the Sword of the Spirit" remains one of the best popular defenses of the Deity of the Holy Spirit in the English language.< Less
The Exegetical Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole: Volume 79: 1 John-Jude By Steven Dilday
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"[Y]ou will find in Poole's Synopsis a marvellous collection of all the wisdom ... of the critics.... Query--a query for which I will not demand an answer--has one of you ever beaten the dust... More > from the venerable copy of Poole which loads our library shelves? Yet as Poole spent no less than ten years in compiling it, it should be worthy of your frequent notice.... Matthew Poole also wrote Annotations upon the Word of God, in English, which are mentioned by Matthew Henry ... and he not only highly praises them, but declares that he has in his own work all along been brief upon that which Mr. Poole has more largely discussed, and has industriously declined what is to be found there.... On the whole, if I must have only one commentary, and had read Matthew Henry as I have, I do not know but what I should choose Poole. He is a very prudent and judicious commentator..." Spurgeon's Commenting and Commentaries, 6.< Less