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Screaming Doors By MONICA DAVIS
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This book was inspired by 4 generations of cantankerous relatives on both sides of my family, the miners, farmers, domestics, recluses, misogynists, teachers and dreamers who never stopped hoping. It... More > is a fictionalized account of family history on my father's side of the family, tracing my great-great grandfather's legacy as a black Cherokee union organizer.< Less
The Forever Dream By MONICA DAVIS
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The high price of food and the current economic uncertainty around the world are changing the way we view our food distribution system. Food security activists and environmental justice... More > organizations are making unlikely alliances with former opponents. "The enemy of my enemies is my friend" perspective points to a new paradigm in social activism.< Less
Land, Legacy and Lynching: Building the Future in Black America By MONICA DAVIS
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A century ago, the segregated South had a deep secret--black farmers owned the majority of farmland in the region. Then came the 1910 Census results along with an organized effort to drive black... More > farmers off the land. Through lynching and intimidation, and predatory use of federal farm loan programs, hundreds of thousands of black farmers, 90% of African-American farmers, were driven from the land through a 60 year orgy of lynching, murder, intimidation and theft. Many found refuge in factory towns and became middle class through factory work, especially in the auto industry. Others gathered in segregated ghettos in the nation's urban hell holes and continue to fuel the nation's prisons. Many claim the goal of federal farm policy is to drive family farmers out of business in favor of corporate agri-businesses.< Less
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An offbeat, often caustic look at world events through the eyes of a Martian castaway and mind control artiste' with an attitude.