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Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape By Nickolaus Pacione
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The short fiction written by Nickolaus A. Pacione, An Italian American, horror writer. These works are taken in part from his online journal. This is his first collection of short stories ranging... More > from Gothic Horror to Science Fiction. Features an updated biography written in his own words, the short story that is most noted in the collection is a horror story called Among Shadows. The works are in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Rod Serling. There are a few editions of this book available right now, this one was recently redesigned from the edition that was available on Booksurge. The stories are not for the faint of heart. The cover is co-designed by the author and the lead vocalist of Empyrean Sky< Less
Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors By Nickolaus Pacione et al.
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Pacione is no stranger to horror, and he brings a few writers from the current landscape as well as bring a few up from the public domain for this anthology. He revisits the anthology that brought... More > him to the library of The Edgar Allan Poe Museum so he does it again by bringing a few more up from the surface. Pacione delivers more scares with this anthology including stories from HORNS and a few others including William Cook as well as some from and This is his return to editing anthologies after just doing the magazine, so with much to say. Pacione delivers another museum within print mixing the public domain stories with the current era horror writers. The introduction is performed by Mick Mercer and it adds to the attitude within the book as it is seen in the here and now and the past.< Less
The Fandom Writer II By Nickolaus Pacione
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Twelve years after the events of The Fandom Writer there is a new character of who had not learned from the horrors that became of Alice Thompson within the fate of the first Fandom Writer. Now the... More > horrors unfold in bizarre and macabre ways the carefree gossip blogger and plagiarist who bastardized the characters of authors from In The Depths roster – this time the horrors unfold from the best friend of the writer from the first story, a pawn shop owner with a learning disability who documents the strange things as they are conceived before her eyes. She doesn’t know if she was comatose, dead or alive as they unfolded before her. The story pays a strong homage to Rod Serling and Wes Craven, author Nickolaus Pacione steps back in as playing Rod Serling’s role within this tale of the Cthulhu Mythos crossing over with his Library of Bones Mythos. The story is a follow up to the most notorious story of my catalog. The artwork is done by me in 1999 and been a fixture of my website for awhile.< Less
Words From A Dark Truth By Nickolaus Pacione
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Author Nickolaus Pacione has been coined a writer who got a good number of his scariest works directly taking things from his life as by another website. Well these stories in this collection are... More > either directly from his real life or inspired from his life over the years. The new stories in the collection are Revisiting The Loss Of Blood and A Gothic Nomad Visiting Poe’s Home. The Pattern Of Diagnosis and Apt. #2W were reprinted from the magazines they appeared in respectively then reprinted from his own magazine. He wanted the two stories in one place. The current photograph in the TOC on the book goes with the story The Pattern of Diagnosis because that was actually what he was packed in on October 22, 2006. The closing story is also a true paranormal account -- a ghost hunt with long time friends after they found out about his first serious horror story in a long while before starting his website or a form of the site in early 1997.< Less