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The Big Book of Bronze #6 By Jay Ryan
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The BBoB6 narrows its focus to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Doc Savage pulp magazines and mark the 50th anniversary of Bantam Book's Doc Savage paperbacks. With 242 pages of informative... More > article about Doc Savage, this sixth installment contains articles by writers such as: Arthur C. Sippo, Will Murray, Jim Cox, Courtney Rogers and Phil Matthews. However, the search for Doc Savage's source of wealth in Hidalgo by Jay Ryan and an incredible examination of all Doc Savage analogs and pastiches titled the "Heart of Doc-ness" by Dafydd Neal Dyar are the centerpieces. Full color cover by Tim Faurote, rear cover artwork by Julian Puga, Cristian Diaz and Alvaro Fernandois and B&W interior.< Less
The Big Book of Bronze #5 By Jay Ryan
Paperback: $22.95 (excl. taxes)
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The Big Book of Bronze #5 is a must have! At 282 pages, this tome of Doc Savage information, by the leading Doc Savage authorities of our time, holds insights into the Man of Bronze that you will be... More > thrilled to read and ponder. In addition to the documentation of Doc Savage musings, you will find the must have companion to the new Jazz CD (Bronze Nemesis) by Scott Robinson about the music and his meeting with James Bama, the Ron Ely interview conducted in September where Ron discusses the movie in detail with Steve Ringgenberg, the detailed reflections of a meeting with Norma Dent by Dean Russell and an article by the current Kenneth Robeson: Will Murray. With 44 articles or stories, additional writers include: Fred Forino, Joe DeVito, Jack Juka, Jay Ryan, Jeff Deischer, Steve Donoso, Matt Hiebert, Julián Puga, Dafydd Neal Dyar, Courtney Rogers, Matt Moring, Wayne Skiver, Jim Cox, Art Sippo, Rick Lai, Chuck Welch, Duane Spurlock and Tim Faurote. Full color cover by Tim Faurote and B&W interior.< Less
The Big Book Of Bronze #3 By Jay Ryan
Paperback: $19.95 (excl. taxes)
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The third annual BBoB is the finest yet! Featuring 22 articles about Doc Savage and by well known authors such as: Howard Wright, Mark O. Lambert, Arthur Sippo, Courtney Rogers, Jeff Deischer, Scott... More > Cranford, Rick Lai and Will Murray. At 200 pages it is packed with information on Lester Dent, Doc in Comics and the House of Gadgets (Dent's Home). Featuring a wrap around cover by Tim Faurote along with interior illustrations by Mr. Faurote, Scotty Phillips and Kez Wilson.< Less
The Big Book Of Bronze #1 By Jay Ryan
Paperback: $12.95 (excl. taxes)
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The first edition of the Big Book of Bronze has been retired. This expanded edition includes material submitted but because of time constraints not included in that first edition. With a new cover,... More > additional article and added interior illustration, this version swelled from 74 pages to 88 pages in length. The BBoB1 Revised Edition contains aticles by Rob Smalley, William Lampkin, Glenn Horner, Courtney Rogers, Jay Ryan, Steve Ringgenberg, Kevin Dumcum, Nancy Burgett and Tracy Hughes. In addition there are three challenges. Full color cover and B&W interior. Plus, this expanded version had been re-formatted, the book is now a larger size (same as The Big Book of Bronze #2 (and BBoB#3 coming in Nov of 2010)) and is printed on white pages instead of cream colored pages.< Less