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Psychic Surgery: A Clinical Investigation By Duncan Alexander McKenzie
eBook (ePub): $4.95
The author is a practicing nurse and resided in the Philippines for a period of 2 years. He heard about Psychic Surgery and engaged in research in order to determine if this treatment has any... More > validity. As a clinical investigator he records within this review his analysis of the information that was given by those who engage in Psychic Surgery and his analysis allowed him to reach a firm conclusion as to the validity or otherwise of this form of treatment. For anyone who is interested in reading about the procedure or for anyone considering undergoing Psychic Surgery you could do no better than to read this concise review.< Less
The Five Keys to the Kingdom of the Apocalypse By Duncan Alexander McKenzie
Paperback: $11.95
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Thermonuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Mankind now has the power to harness the fires of Hell. Terrorism may strike at any time, and in any place. A billionaire industrialist has tasked... More > himself with the destruction of the human race. This is to allow the unfettered supremacy of artificial intelligence. A computer science student from Scotland is drawn into his cult, and then frees himself from its grasp when he discovers their true agenda. Human vivisection, spontaneous human combustion and entombment while alive are some of the themes of this story. From the paradise of bisexual orgies to the fires of Hell. It's an amazing tale. But the most frightening thing is that it presents a credible scenario. It will answer the question, ‘Are human beings now obsolete and will Homo sapiens be superseded by machines?’ The battle has begun for the fate of the Earth. Would you sacrifice yourself to the terrors and the fires of Hell to save your loved ones and the planet? One day you may be asked to. Be ready.< Less
The 4S Handbook. Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome. By Duncan Alexander McKenzie
Paperback: $12.95
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When Hell is the noises that other people make! Sniffing, gulping, lip smacking, loud chewing, jaw clicking, noisy breathing, slurping, licking fingers. Aaaaaarrrgggghhh! There are certain... More > individuals on this planet, and the author of this book is one of them, who live a nightmare. This nightmare occurs every day, and it can occur in any place where there are other people. The triggering sounds can lead to anger, frustration, rage, depression and isolation. The condition has led to relationships breaking up. It has led to physical assaults. It has resulted in the loss of employment. It may have even led in at least one case to homicide. The nightmare has a name: 4S, or Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome. This little handbook is for those who suffer from 4S. It will also help clinicians and the relatives and friends of sufferers understand this syndrome which can so blight a person's life.< Less

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