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Jesuit Martyrs of North America (John A. O'Brien) By Jeff Ostrowski
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Softcover. 321 pages. Large Print. "THE FIRST MARTYRS OF NORTH AMERICA" by Father John A. O'Brien. In this volume is told the inspiring story of eight humble and faithful men — the... More > eight commonly known as the Jesuit martyrs of North America. They were the first individuals on this continent to be canonized as saints by the Catholic Church. The willingness with which these men ventured into the wilderness lived and labored among the Indians under the most revolting and painful conditions, and gladly, almost exultantly, suffered torture and death, can hardly be matched by any other enterprise in history. Their letters and records — simply related and carefully noted in spite of all hardships and weariness — contribute so splendidly to the greater knowledge of the life, the customs and the languages of the Indians, that they are equally remarkable.< Less
Lalemant Propers, 391 Pages, Simple Psalm Tones By Jeff Ostrowski
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LALEMANT PROPERS, 391 Pages, [ ] The English Translations used in this book come from the Gregorian Missal of Solesmes (Imprimatur, 1989). This translation... More > matches verbatim the translation used in the Vatican II Hymnal (Corpus Christi Watershed) and the Simple English Propers (Church Music Association of America).< Less
454 pages - V2H Organ Accompaniment Volumes 1 and 2 By Jeff Ostrowski
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454 pages / spiral bound / this book contains Organ Accompaniments for Volumes 1 and 2 (MASS SETTINGS & HYMNS) / New... More > Translation, Roman Missal, Third Edition, 3rd, Mass, Catholic, English,< Less
VOCALIST, Chabanel Psalms, Years ABC, 190 Pages By Jeff Ostrowski
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VOCALIST SCORE. 190 Pages. Complete (all three Liturgical Years). Years A, B, C, and ABC. This is the version to purchase for your cantors and singers. This is not the organist version. St. Noel... More > Chabanel Responsorial Psalms.< Less