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Lil Sister By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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Cathy and Candi are sisters sharing a small apartment. A fight breaks out over who gets to shower first for their date. Hot tempered Cathy quickly resorts to biting her younger sister, but that could... More > turn out to be a mistake, as Candi can not only fight back... she can BITE back too! Glynn always draws the girls shapely and beautiful. Eight pages in print resolution PDF format. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Candi's New Rules By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.00
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"CANDI LOVED TO BOX..." Sound familiar? It should! And this little boxing sex-toy of Bobby's is BACK, with a couple of hard-hitting REMATCHES in her future! After her brutal and... More > humiliating beating at the hands of KIMI KANE, Candi's gotten a little BETTER at the foxy boxing scene, so much that Bobby thinks she getting cocky, and that it's time for a lesson in humility! He brings that lesson in the form of Candi's rival KIMI KANE! The NEW rules? Well, Bobby decided that if Kimi beats Candi THIS time... the prize is CANDI! We also start off with a little warm-up bout between Candi and another old rival... YUMI CHOW! 36 images by ALBONE! Delivered in screen resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Summer Dream By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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It's a bright sunny day... perfect weather for hiking, swiming, fishing... or better yet, TOPLESS GIRL WRESTLING! Melanie is a tough black girl with perfect breasts and wicked ring skills. Mimi is... More > gorgeous as well, and enjoys the attention topless wrestling affords her. But this is no beauty pagent... it's a brutal topless wrestling match! And when girls are big busted AND topless, you know something's gonna get attacked. Maybe even a PAIR of things... A pin finish! It's another great combination of story by D. Nye and gorgeous illustrations by LYKAMO. 24 images in screen-resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Foxy Brawlers By Sexy Sluggers
Hardcover: $99.95
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Furious fists and erotic endings are the hallmark of many of our Foxy Brawlers comics, and here is a massive volume (447 pages) of our B&W comics. Included are: Box In The Family, Double or... More > Nothing, Birthday Box, Boxing for Bobbie, Knockouts, Breaking Up is Harm to Do, Glove Grudge, Driving Force, Leather & Leopards, Boxing Royale, Young Glovers, Brawl In The Family, Slugging Sue, Strong To The Finish, Garters & Gloves, Tag Team Boxing, Slugging Stimulation, Tanya vs Lady Mauler, The Bigger They Are, Grudge With Gloves, Grudge Renewed, RingCats V1 & V3, Stiff Competition, Boxed & Bothered Housewives V2 & Bared Breasts-Barbed Wire. NUDITY, ADULT SITUATIONS, ADULTS ONLY< Less