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meta-ph-oracle2 By Iain Dunford
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Modernising cartomancy into a newer, more fresh and exciting way - that is honest, open, and entertaining. Long gone are the days of the psychic, esoteric dressings, and the NLP and psychologically... More > driven illusionist are quite frankly, just as unbelievable too. So this book is written with mentalists and magicians alike who want to entertain, and add some imaginatory driven playing card readings to their work. Easy to learn, engaging and emotionally relevant for those that you perform for. Adaptable to many, many mentalism and magic plots too.< Less
TPR By Iain Dunford
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TPR explores a new system for giving Readings. It's two-books-in-one, written by David Moses and Iain Dunford for the mentalism community. There's not too much more we can tell you without giving... More > away the powerful content at the heart of this original approach to giving readings and reading minds. "Fucking Great" Michael Weber " I think it is one of the best books on readings that I have ever read!" Millard Longman "I love what you guys sent me and that's despite being kind of sick of new reading systems! " Bill Cushman< Less
imaginary By Iain Dunford
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A collection of transcripts, notes, stories and ideas - taken from 1899 to 1953. Covering psychic manifestations, fakery, delusional stories and mediumistic confessions. This is told in a series of... More > short stories, with i hope inspire the creative juices. A hybrid between story telling, bizarrism and mentalism. Some stories are explicit in method - others are scripts. More are about giving you the IDEA to run with. You can read the first few pages in the preview to get an idea.< Less
Seven Stars By Iain Dunford
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A mentalism device. A proper hardback f*rcing book. 300 pages. One pair of pages are used throughout. The first 20-30 pages are normal, and the last dozen or so are too. With ISBN too. Please click... More > on the preview to see the two f*rce pages. One begins with Mr. Corbeck and the other with interruption.< Less

compendium - corpus compendium - corpus By Iain Dunford Paperback:
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familiars familiars By Iain Dunford Paperback:
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pro new softback pro new softback By Iain Dunford Paperback:
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thought paths thought paths By Iain Dunford Paperback:
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