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Post-growth Common Sense By Rupert Read
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Much of Green House’s Post-growth project has been about describing the post-growth world. But to get to that world we have to discover a better way of talking about it, a way of making it... More > common sense. In this inventive and provocative essay Rupert Read addresses this problem, drawing on some of the latest thinking in political communications. Paradoxically he argues that the best way to talk about the post-growth economy may be to talk less about it.< Less
Green House's 'post-growth' project: an introduction By Rupert Read
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This paper introduces Green House’s ‘post-growth project,’ a new series of reports designed to show that an alternative to the false dichotomy between growth and austerity, is... More > necessary, possible and desirable. It is necessary because planetary limits will in any event end growth soon. It is possible in that we believe (and the post-growth project reports will show) that we can now begin to plot a path to a post-growth world, and a vision of that world. It is desirable because much about that world will actually be better than the world we now inhabit.< Less