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The Immortal - A Metaphysical Love Story - The Parable Of The Dreamer And The Dream... By David Alexander English
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An epic, cosmic love story, a transcendental parable, a novel inspired by true events. Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, visionary , experimental fiction. More plot twists than a pretzel in a typhoon.... More > Written in the 2nd person so it really is all about you. I'm in love with the ending...WARNING: this book is a page turner, hard to put down and over too soon...(even with the big, fancy words you'll be googling) like any good love affair it will leave you changed, expanded, grateful, and wide open...< Less
Absolute Truth? By David Alexander English
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The soul refresher, or handbook you wished they handed you when you first landed on Earth. New light on age old questions like who are we really?; where do we all come from?; and why are we all here... More > now? Full 200 pg. version of the 3rd book in the Divine Metaphysics Series.Original words on original photographs and acrylic on raw canvas paintings from The Sacred Geometry Paintings Series.< Less
EMERGENCE BEYOND - Book 1:The Complete Transcript of the 90 minute documentary EMERGENCE : Beyond 2012? By David Alexander English
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Book One: the complete transcript of the 90 minute documentary EMERGENCE:Beyond 2012? which chronicles the true story of the discovery of archeological sites in the Los Padres National Forest of Big... More > Sur, California that the U.S. Forest Service knew nothing about...that may be connected to the Hopi story of the survivors of the last world "purification" by flood and their "place of emergence" into the this "the 4th world".. .because their oral tradition goes back through 3 previous world destructions/"purifications"; the 1st by fire; the 2nd by ice; and the 3rd by flood...Through the creative and compelling use of storytelling,personal narrative,graphic and still images, including the author's original Sacred Geometry Paintings ™ & aerial photography. this work explores in detail what all of this has to do with: the true nature of the Hopi Migrations and our own emergence into the 5th world age and beyond...< Less
THE UNPOLISHED MAN By David Alexander English
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Autobiography of the visionary, contemporary artist David Alexander English...350 pages 8.5x11