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Chinese to English Dictionary of China's Martial Arts (printed) By Andrea Falk
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The Comprehensive Chinese to English Dictionary of China's Martial Arts, set up for print-on-demand at Lulu. The book is 200 pages, which is a bit much for printing out yourself, especially the... More > horrors of double sided printing on a home machine. It is a bit difficult to work with in PDF on your computer, so I have made this version for print-on-demand. The insides are exactly the same as the PDF, the only difference is that there is a back cover. The vocabulary of the Chinese martial arts is highly specific and not in normal dictionaries, so this dictionary will be a great help to martial artists trying to improve their knowledge by learning Chinese. It is also just fun to flip though.< Less
Chinese to English Dictionary of China's Martial Arts By Andrea Falk
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A comprehensive Chinese to English dictionary of China's martial arts, compiled and translated by Andrea Falk. Andrea is one of the foremost modern translator's of internal style martial arts from... More > China. She brings years of training and translation experience to this dictionary. It includes techniques and movement names of internal and external styles (form and contact), traditional Chinese medical terms, and many useful terms related to the martial arts. The dictionary is 200 8.5x11 inch pages long. It is presented in PDF form. If you want a soft cover book, you can get it by print-on-demand, also at Lulu.< Less
MaGui BaGua manual, part 2: changes By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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Part two of Andrea Falk's training manual about Ma Gui Bagua. This part is on the changes, and includes the dragon, lion, and single hook changes. For more details on Ma Gui baguazhang, please go to... More > Andrea's website The international Ma Gui Baguazhang promotion headquarter's is at This is an extensive rewrite of part two, completed in November 2012.< Less
MaGui BaGua manual:part one, circle-walking By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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A training manual for Ma Gui Ba Gua. Written up by Andrea Falk. This is her interpretation of the teaching of Li Baohua. This is part one, on circle-walking. See her website Li... More > Baohua's website for the Ma Gui baguazhang promotion centre is for more on Ma Gui Ba Gua. Updated November 2012. This is a minor rewrite from previous versions.< Less