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Writing In Holiness: While Keeping It Real By David Bergsland
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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In the new millennium, an incredible opportunity has appeared to the Body of Christ: the new self-publishing paradigm. It is my belief that the Lord intends to use this gift as a tool to disciple the... More > church and to plant seeds for the final harvest. Only time will tell about this. Regardless, the role of Christian author in the midst of all that is going on in the world needs careful examination. If the Lord has called you to write, what does that mean? You have been called by the Lord of Lords to do this work He has given you to do. That's real serious. This is God talking to you. What does He expect from you? How are you to respond? What skills will you need? How will you get your books to sell? The questions keep appearing before our eyes one after the other as we struggle to make sense of it all.< Less
Writing In InDesign CC 2014 Producing Books: Adding Fixed Layout Epubs & Much More By David Bergsland
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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This is a major update for me. Many of the changes I've been waiting for with ePUB production have been implemented. InDesign now stands at the top of the heap for book production in general and ePUB... More > production in particular. You do not need to know code, though understanding how HTML and CSS works will aid your conceptual understanding. I was lukewarm about FXL until I realized that the new fixed layout ePUBs would show gradient paragraph rules, gradient strokes and fills in tables, and much more. The exported ePUBs upload flawlessly to the iBooks Store and Kobo Writing Life.< Less
Writing In InDesign CC Producing Books By David Bergsland
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Virtually all professional book designers use InDesign: What is not commonly known is that this same software is the best for self-publishing authors as well. Not only is it necessary for printed... More > books, but it is now the best resource for ebook production also. InDesign CC9.2 has really ramped up its ePUB abilities. Now you can take your print document and convert it quickly and professionally to produce excellent quality downloadable PDFs, ePUBs, and Kindle books. This book shows you how to do that efficiently—by training you, using clear, practical language, in all the requirements of book production needed to self-publish. The new self-publishing author of the 21st century is enabled to take his or her books to much higher levels of excellence. This book covers how the industry works in the new millennium with print on-demand and online ebook distribution. You'll learn typography, page layout, and all the techniques pros use to give their readers a comfortable, enjoyable reading experience.< Less
How Do I Make the Next Book Better? By David Bergsland
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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How can I make it better the next time? This is the plaintive question I get every time after I have set up, formatted, and uploaded a book for a new author. It is also one of the most common... More > questions I see while socially networking. Let’s get it out in the open: Preparing a print version of your book in Word or any other word processor is virtually impossible! The best way [if you must use Word] is to buy a Word template from a book designer you trust. Publishing a book is an immensely complex project. The skillsets needed are large, and require practice and experience. One of them is an area you can learn by yourself—easily. That is typography. This book will help you learn the basics of typography, plus covering some of what can be done with Word. My goal is to save you money and time At present, I publish several books a year. My only expenses are what I pay for online access. You can learn how to do that also.< Less

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